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Salty Droid

Trump That Bitch

During one of this year’s excruciating Republican primary debates :: bearded progressive puppet and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly … had the temerity {read balls} to ask Donald Trump a tough/obvious question. It was something like …

“Don, why are you such a bitch to women?”

His perfectly ridiculous response percolated through his night rages and spewed out his butthole shaped mouth the next day …

She must of had blood coming out of her wherever!


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Herbalife’s Money Laundering Scheme

I’m in the middle of writing twenty str8 posts about Donald J. Trump :: because if Donald J. Trump wins this election … then nothing else matters … nothing. else. matters … bigly.

But yesterday there was a “research report” from an anonymous author {kinda} alleging that Herbalife is laundering drug money :: so I’m gonna have to talk about that instead … maybe squeeze Trump in at the end as a fat faced non sequitur.

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The Great White Nope

You are a white man without a college degree …

  • you’re too fast and too furious … six
  • your wife is Chipotle
  • you’ve never been to a Crate & Barrel
  • you own Fight Club on DVD and Blu Ray
  • your K/D ratio is always above one
  • you think your fantasy baseball team matters to other people

… and you don’t have to vote for Donald J. Trump.

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The Trump Diet

Donald J. Trump is not doing so well with lady voters :: maybe it’s because he’s a fucking pig … or maybe it’s because they just haven’t heard about his awesome #ladiesfirst diet?

It was called The Silhouette Solution.

Do you want a silhouette that Donald Trump would consider inappropriately ogling :: or do you want your current silhouette … which {let’s face it ladies} wouldn’t be his first choice?

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Trumpface Loser

The big fat face that Donald J. Trump keeps beneath his combover … seems to be slowly melting into the area once occupied by his neck. Maybe his new neck face can grow a second mouth that will make him sound less of a goddamn dumbass?

This clowned-faced egomaniac :: full on scammer :: and proud member of Sarah Palin’s no-books club … lost the third presidential debate as badly as he’d lost the first two. But he did make some solid points along the way :: like …

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