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Rodgers vs. Herbalife (docket)


Case No. 1:17-cv-23429

Interactive case docket regularly updated with: words, pictures, documents, videos, and maybe a light sprinkling of jokes.

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Payday Protection

Have you seen that six-part Netflix documentary series Dirty Money?

It’s good.

If you watch just one; let it be Episode 4, Cartel Bank, about the Mexican money laundering operations of Herbalife’s bank, HSBC. Think about the rise of Herbalife’s Mexican nutrition clubs while you watch it.

{ No, I’m sorry. That was just a little note to myself. Ignore that. Oh you already are ignoring that? Cool cool cool. }

What I meant was…

Watch Episode 2, Payday, about payday lender and–omg he actually made himself a race car driver–narcissist Scott Tucker.

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The Kingpins


You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney–and obviously you cannot–then screw you.

That’s how the law “works” for real people. The system is built for, and run by, powerful synthetic people. Corporations, cartels, partnerships, shells, professional associations, unions, and government agencies are “the people”–the people are the pawns.

When Herbalife needs lawyers to fight off fraud claims, they get to pick from the biggest and the bestest. It makes no difference that their business model is a blatant deception bringing about a humanitarian crisis. Members of the legal monopoly don’t have to care about petty triflings like morality. Herbalife’s got the cash to put up a huge retainer–and to pay legal bills larger than the operating budgets of most companies–so the “best” lawyers and law firms are immediately available to them… less than no questions asked.

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Peak Performance Presidents

Bill Clinton and Tony Robbins are besties. They both like to mention it and it’s gross both ways. Name-drop circle jerk: This is America.

In Tony’s story, the night before Clinton was impeached - for being a disgusting lying piece of garbage - he was on the landline to the infomercial salesman seeking his (allegedly) sage advice.

If your life coach is an actual life coach you need a new life coach.

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{variable} & {variable} < had a baby >

ABC canceled their new/old (s)hit show starring a racist because their new/old (s)hit show starring a racist had a racist as its star. I guess someone should hold up the “APPLAUSE” sign now?

It’s like when NBC canceled The Apprentice after just fourteen seasons when it turned out that everyone always knew that Donald Trump was a racist.

Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.

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