Salty Droid >> bleep bloop

Salty Droid

mic check

is this thing still on?

i hope so

… cause i’m about to scream into it

jokes mostly

you guys like jokes?

jokes give the victims of manipulative fraud some small space to breathe … and that’s all i wanted

it’s funny how them not letting me tell my jokes turned me into the worst thing ever … for them

funny like a joke about a joke

shit’s about to get meta

>> bleep bloop

Starbucks’ Herbalife Envy

It’s the sort of thing Herbalife President’s Team members like to brag about {because they’re dumb and bad at crime}…

Starbuck’s 40 years in business, 16,000 Locations Worldwide

Herbalife! Only 8 years and Over 70,000 Clubs Worldwide!

Just quadruple Starbucks in less than a decade … what could be wrong? It’s as capitalist as $60,000 Dutch tulips!

<< … to be continuing … >>

this is a pyramid scheme

Did you know that current A#1 SaltyDroid punchbag Herbalife … got beast-mode-shredded {which I have to assume is a bad thing} on one of television’s only good news programs?

Of course you knew … because it happened like six months ago. This is not a timely site … you did not hear it here first.

<< … to be continuing … >>

The Year of the Dragon

2016 is over now.

It was the worst year ever :: with the possible exception of 2008 … 2001 … oh and also maybe 100% of the other years before I had access to decent broadband.

Life’s been all about plague / disaster / genocide / catastrophe / extinction / etc. … for hundreds of millions of years.

You weren’t so bad 2016 … get over yourself.

<< … to be continuing … >>

Toilet Paper Enlightenment

Not everyone hated Enlighten Us: The Rise and Fall of James Arthur Ray … but it did seem like pretty much everyone hated James Arthur Ray.

<< … to be continuing … >>