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Salty Droid

donald trump’s ministry of love

donald trump is not my president

except of course for holy fuck he totally is

it makes me want to do something crazy, like use a comma

do commas make me feel better?

so far, i’d say, it’s really not helping, at all, semicolon; no puppet


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Whiskey Trumpy Foxtrot 2016

Don’t vote for whiskey today … at least not until after you’ve voted for Hillary Rodham.

This election season has really blown goats. We’ve been forced to choose between the lesser of two evils :: either …

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Make Estrogen Great Again

Donald J. Trump knows women.

He knows about how to grab them by the pussy and get away with it {namely by inheriting his rich daddy’s money and becoming an untouchable celebrity asshole}.

He knows about publicly rating them on a ten point scale of fuckability.

He knows that unattractive women deserve {and secretly want} to be fired.

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Trump That Bitch

During one of this year’s excruciating Republican primary debates :: bearded progressive puppet and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly … had the temerity {read balls} to ask Donald Trump a tough/obvious question. It was something like …

“Don, why are you such a bitch to women?”

His perfectly ridiculous response percolated through his night rages and spewed out his butthole shaped mouth the next day …

She must of had blood coming out of her wherever!


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Herbalife’s Money Laundering Scheme

I’m in the middle of writing twenty str8 posts about Donald J. Trump :: because if Donald J. Trump wins this election … then nothing else matters … nothing. else. matters … bigly.

But yesterday there was a “research report” from an anonymous author {kinda} alleging that Herbalife is laundering drug money :: so I’m gonna have to talk about that instead … maybe squeeze Trump in at the end as a fat faced non sequitur.

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