Salty Droid 2011

Year 3 of the fake robot :: boom … done.

The year in pictures :: via video … thanks to super fucking awesome Vancouver folk rocker Dan Mangan for not suing me. Don’t call a song “Robots” or I’ll pretend to own it.

Spiders :: and Gingers :: and Homiciders … oh my!

Jason’s voice :: no less than twice.

Zero lawsuits …

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Alison in PlunderLand

Alison Newton met Dave Navarro 17 years ago at NC State. They were close friends for years before they decided to get matching last names. The matching names were a commitment that they both took seriously. They had both come from severely broken homes :: and both were determined to protect their own children from the same fate.

By the time I met Alison Navarro a couple of months ago :: Naomi Dunford and the cult of Internet Marketing had already destroyed everything that Dave and Alison had worked so hard to build.

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Naomi Dunford :: Spider Intercession

Naomi Dunford spent years poisoning Dave Navarro against his own family. She succeeded in getting him to walk out without warning … and without explanation. Unless you want to count :: “I just wanna work on my business” :: as a valid explanation for abandoning your wife and kids … but I don’t.

Naomi’s propaganda campaign to blame Dave’s brother Anthony for everything {including Dave’s deciding not to visit his kids for six straight months} :: which was most recently echoed by University of Minnesota Morris Professor PZ Myers :: began almost immediately.

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The Lion :: the Witch and the TrollDrones

Skeptics mostly like to talk about what it means to be a Skeptic :: it makes it all but impossible for a skeptical fake robot to be a Skeptic. If your skepticalism comes with a t-shirt :: then you’re just a person who likes clubs. I’m fucking skeptical of your dumb clubs.

Still whatever :: t-shirt clubs are better than you sobbing all over me because you’re lonely and all the happy people on the commercials are lies.

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