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PhotoSpam - Use, Wear, Talk

People who spend years trapped inside Herbalife’s mind game end up with a storage locker full of propaganda, paperworks, and bad memories.

By the time they talk to me they’ve usually purged it all in some semi-ceremonial sort of way. It’s a good thing to do. A physical manifestation of the “putting this mistake behind me” moment can really help with the forgiving oneself and moving forward part of the process that is essential to fully escaping the MLM manipulation loop.

But often there is a stray box - some leftover something - strewn here or there. Talking to a do-gooder lawyer jogs memories and I collect these boxes of leftovers. Is it evidence? Not really. But it’s still full of clues.

Do you have a box of Circle of Success leftovers? I’d love to have it. I’m here waiting to hear your story.


Of course I know that a lot of you are thinking: “Who cares about Herbalife Jason, where did you get those super sweet socks?”

Right here. You’re welcome.