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Salty Droid

The Trump Twenty

Donald Trump is a mother-groping conman.

I should know … because slapping around big bully conmen is my jam.

I’ve grabbed a huge amount conmen by the pussy since 2009 … a really huge amount. And they just let me do it :: because I’ve never been wrong folks … never. Believe me! I’m tremendous at calling out conmen :: really tremendous … the best.

Here’s me {the best!} on conman Trump circa 2013 …

Having celebrity is much more important than having credibility … and it’s turning America’s collective mind into a can of Paula Deen’s Slightly Racist Tomato Paste

Okay so maybe I am wrong sometimes :: should have said …

George Wallace’s Extremely Racist Cucumber Spread

Hey ladies why not serve up a little Extremely Racist Cucumber Spread :: along with some all white crackers … on one of Trump’s beautiful Joseph McCarthy commemorative plates?

2013 question …

I guess we’re supposed to believe that Trump is some kind of Republican … and not just a massive asshole spoiled richboy idiot who’s only ever been all about he himself and him?

2016 answer …

Yes :: we are supposed to believe that … and some 30% of us apparently do.


Just to finish nailing down these “I told you sos” …

D-Trump is everywhere :: parasitizing a parasitic “reality” media culture that feeds almost exclusively on shallow celebrity … what those shallow celebrities are doing on the backend {says everyone to everyone} “ain’t my problem.”

But oh gosh :: I guess it is all our fucking problem now … because we have together – all of us – created a catastrophe.

Facts are real.

Reality is real.

Pretending facts and reality aren’t real … invites the dumb and dangerous to destroy us.

I know it seems like the “Trump is conman” story has been eaten by the “Trump is the worst piece of shit on Earth” story … but I think the conman thing is still important. Manipulation of the preprogrammed masses by fake reality celebrities :: the story here … is at the root of all the toxic vines in Trump’s pumpkin patch.

Twenty days until the election … here comes twenty fake robot posts about the worst piece of shit of Earth. I don’t have enough substance to fill that many posts :: but it seems that those without substance are free to rave like lunatics … and that I can fucking do with the best of them.

The twenty-first post in this sequence will be a deep bleep blurb of redemptive relief after Ms. Clinton wins in a landslide.

Either that … or I guess I’m hoping for Wi-Fi in the gulag.

>> bleep bloop