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Salty Droid

Highlighting Harlan

{video gone … at so you won’t have to look upon the face of gross}

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein is a sick and disturbing individual. He’s a troll :: Pervert :: Hostile Sicko :: Victims Advocate Abuser :: Flatterer :: Misogynist :: Fake Healer :: Sycophant :: Scammer :: Con “Man” :: and {of course} D-Bag. Writing about him is somewhat exhausting and depressing {even for a robot}.

On the upside :: His idiocy is manifest :: DeepDigging is not required to find moments in which his creepiness crosses over the line and becomes tragicomedy. The Droid puts ampletitudinous amounts of effort into video editing … but it’s hardly necessary. Any random two minutes of Harlan the Horrible is sure to both horrify and amuse.

Let us laugh at Harlan Kilstein now **:: Let us laugh together until **ALL the evil is vanquished from the world {error_ :: I got carried away :: But let’s at least laugh for the next 2:32}

{in a whining nasal tone} STOP!

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