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Snakes on a Plane

Vemma Snakes on a Plane

Anthony Powell didn’t meet Herbalife’s high {fake} ethical standards :: so after just a couple of decades of letting him do whatever the fuck … they pretended to promptly and politely part ways with his punkass. Fly away chubby bird :: run your gigantic lead gen scam in other murky waters … says them.

You’d think he might show a little respect :: a little gratitude to the NYSE traded scamworld company that gave him his start in scamworld :: yet here he is getting all puffy on a private plane … dissing the sacred Herbalife button.

The button that made over a billion unicorn dreams come true.

Fat Tony says distributors are “really embarrassed” to wear the button :: and then he rudely implies that buttons aren’t as good at starting biz op conversations as are “so sexy” aluminum cans … Mark Hughes must be rolling over in his grave {to snort some coke off a hooker}.

“No more hotel meetings. No more recruiting friends and family. No more constant cold calling. The Internet miracle has transformed Herbalife into the ideal work from home opportunity … the leads will come to you!”

That’s been HLF’s basic pitch for the last decade and a half. But now :: with the wolves at the door … they’ve decided to go back to the 80’s … where they’re going to be needing that goddamn button thank you very much.

Use, Wear, Talk

HLF’s operational mantra from the past … is now their “let’s pretend there’s no Internet” operational mantra of the future.

Use … the products {somebody’s gotta}.

Wear … the really embarrassing button {it’ll make you fucking rich}.

Talk … to people at Walmart {about how the button is making you fucking rich}.

Use :: wear … talk.


If you’re looking for an income opportunity that will have you out on the street recruiting fresh meat like a Moonie … then Herbalife 2013 is the MLM for you. Why not pay them to sign their highly restrictive distributor agreement today?

But Anthony Powell is too fat {and lazy like a fat fox} to be a Moonie :: so he needs to keep doing shit exactly like he’d been doing shit inside pre-Bill-Ackman-Herbalife {pBA HLF} … aka … lead generation pyramid built atop of an old-school product based pyramid.

If you don’t know how it works :: you can read my fake robot hates Shawn Dahl article … or you can just read these bullet points.

  • expensive mass media advertising that focuses exclusively on the income opportunity

  • an offer to purchase a low-priced “decision pack” that sorts out the “desperate enough to buy something” leads

  • sell the buyer leads at dramatically inflated prices to people already sucked into the scheme

  • pump a large chuck of the money back into generating more buyer leads via expensive advertising

Victims will routinely lose more money buying leads and methods than they will on keeping themselves paid up and qualified within the underlying MLM’s compensation plan.

Watch it happen again :: exactly like it was happening before …

Glenn Beck At Home

Glenn Beck gets big money to push his followers to a PaidAtHome Kit landing page …

Paid At Home Kit

The Kit pushes people into Anthony Powell’s Global Pro System {or someone else’s similar system if the lead costs are being pooled among high level distributors}.

Anthony Powell’s GPS pushes people into Vemma :: and then grinds them down to dust … as a bonus {to himself}.

Anthony Powell GPS

Is Vemma a scam :: or just a fun simple magical way to sling healthy juice?

Well …

– I could hire some fancy fucking research firm to spend three months {and $500,000} comparing Vemma’s intentionally complex compensation system to some antique :: and equally complex … MLM case law.

– I could refer you to some great work on Vemma done by New Chicks on the {say no to liars} Block … Truth in Advertising.

– Or :: to be cruel … I could force you to watch BK Boreyko’s pathetic response to the same said critical analysis of Vemma

But I think it’s prolly easier to answer the :: “Is Vemma a scam?” question … with another {simpler to answer} question.

Is BK Boreyko on a plane :: doing a lame Vemma promo … with notorious grandma fucking bastard Anthony Powell?

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