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Vemma AutoSuit

Vemma’s not a scam. I know :: because I attended one of their big ol’ con-tastic events … and every single one of their instagraming tweaker-speakers told me so.

Vemma’s no scam bro … YPR.

Do these peeps here look like scammers to you?

can me

Hellz no :: they’re just a couple of sexy white kids tipping back a few cold ones … at a orange can themed lounge somewhere in heaven {New Jersey}.

… and you can too!

How could Vemma be a scam when :: as their suspectly named CEO BK Boreyko points out … “you know I’m paying out close to two million dollars per week – to people just like you.”


See :: if he was a scammer he’d take every last penny … instead of just most of the pennies.

Anywayz :: Vemma is for sure not a scam {#YPR} … but they did just get class action sued in California.


So that’s pretty awesome :: though the suit is regards the annoyance of autoshipping … which is a bit … meh.

It’s like getting all up in Herbalife’s face for the thousands and thousands of false :: FTC rule violating … personal health testimonials offered up by their distributors each day. Of course :: it’s happening … and it’s bad {and I do plan to get all up in their face about it}. But compared to the rest of the green slime mire :: compared to the fucking soul sucking … its seems kinda tame.

According to this Vemma Action Plan :: your family’s future depends on signing up other families for Vemma autoships …

How hard will you work for them? How much juice will you buy for them? How much of the money they need will you give to BK Boreyko and his Anthony Powell styled henchman?

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