Dirt bag :: piece of shit :: fuck stupid cog in the sick machine … John Swallow … may be set to resign as Utah’s Attorney General.

The Deseret News

Embattled Utah Attorney General John Swallow has cut a deal with the lieutenant governor’s office to resign in order to avoid facing criminal charges, a source told the Deseret News…

In lieu of the criminal charges, the office negotiated a deal calling for only civil sanctions if Swallow would step down.

It’s sad … that he won’t face criminal charges. But the dirt being wiped off the table here …

Two of the counts allege Swallow failed to disclose that he was an owner or manager of a consulting firm and that he received income from another consulting business. The third alleges he made false and misleading statements about his personal financial condition on campaign disclosure forms.

… is just the small stuff.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Criminal penalties remain a possibility. Two county prosecutors — with help from the FBI — are continuing to investigate Swallow, his Republican predecessor, Mark Shurtleff, and others.

So one can still hope for the best :: by hoping for the worst … for Mr. John Swallow.

>> bleep bloop

  • Mark Shurtleff :: Orange is the New Green

Mark Shurtleff :: Orange is the New Green

Two former attorneys general of the scam state of Utah :: Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow … have just been arrested.

Wow :: OMFG … that felt so good to say. I wanna do it again!

Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow … have just been arrested.

Holy shit! :: felt just as […]

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Emmediate Political Solutions

This Salt Lake City Weekly cover story is fucking amazing :: in a “sticking it to the badguys” kind of way … and fucking depressing … in a “this is how it’s going in our society” kind of way. Bad Company: An ex-con who says he raised funds for […]

  • Am I Not A Lawyer?

Am I Not A Lawyer?

Every motherfucking horror show on display-archive here :: can be traced back to Mark Shurtleff via a not-fun not-drinking game I like to call … Six Degrees of Rotten Bacon. The Internet has scaled a local corruption type problem :: into an epic global mindraping mega-scam type problem … […]

  • Krispy Kreme Konservatives

Krispy Kreme Konservatives

Utah’s new {but already fucking corrupt} Attorney General John Swallow is a “real conservative” :: not some fake ass conservative like Mitt Romney … or Hitler. “Real conservatives” make home-craft-sunset-word-art for Republican nominating conventions :: fake conservatives move to Berkeley and get AIDS … simple as that.

… or something.

It’s […]

  • Death of a Tax Club

Death of a Tax Club

Funny story :: one of Utah’s largest boiler rooms … is located in New York City. That’s the end of the funny part of the story :: I hope you laughed your ass off … because the rest of it is fucking terrible.
The Tax Club :: Earning more than […]

  • Swallowing Johnson

Swallowing Johnson

Jeremy Johnson is totally innocent :: just kidding … he was going to accept a plea deal that had him only doing 10 years in prison rather than the 12,000 years he’d need to do in order for his time to be commensurate with his fucked up crimes.

But he’s innocent according […]