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Suck and Swallow


Dirt bag :: piece of shit :: fuck stupid cog in the sick machine … John Swallow … may be set to resign as Utah’s Attorney General.

The Deseret News

Embattled Utah Attorney General John Swallow has cut a deal with the lieutenant governor’s office to resign in order to avoid facing criminal charges, a source told the Deseret News…

In lieu of the criminal charges, the office negotiated a deal calling for only civil sanctions if Swallow would step down.

It’s sad … that he won’t face criminal charges. But the dirt being wiped off the table here …

Two of the counts allege Swallow failed to disclose that he was an owner or manager of a consulting firm and that he received income from another consulting business. The third alleges he made false and misleading statements about his personal financial condition on campaign disclosure forms.

… is just the small stuff.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Criminal penalties remain a possibility. Two county prosecutors — with help from the FBI — are continuing to investigate Swallow, his Republican predecessor, Mark Shurtleff, and others.

So one can still hope for the best :: by hoping for the worst … for Mr. John Swallow.

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