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Salty Droid

The Complainers

Many of you stupid bastards wish I was encouraging victims to file official complaints regarding the various dubious doings daintily detailed here.

No :: stupid :: I won’t do it …

  1. piss off

  2. boring

  3. it won’t help

  4. did I ask for your fucking opinion?


  1. you’re probably right

  2. I don’t know everything

  3. maybe it will help

  4. why do I have to be such an asshole about everything?

Fine :: I’ll do it.

New to the NavBar :: the SaltyDroid Complaints Department.

Thanks to Work at Home Truth for the inspiration :: and the nicely preassembled links.

“Don’t forget to tell The Man about it” :: says The Droid from now on {while choking down enough cynicism to drown an entire village of useless hippies}.

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