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This post is brought to you by Tony Robbins.

So I did this podcast. I don’t like doing stuff like that (so please don’t ask me to be on your podcast), but I try to say yes anyway (so please don’t ask me to be on your podcast). Because isn’t getting the message out there kinda my job?

Shut up! Don’t you dare answer that question! What the hell do you know about my job?

But yeah, it’s probably my job.

Quoth the Raven posted about the podcast on SeekingAlpha. Above is SeekingAlpha serving up an article about my fight against evil, sponsored by exactly the evil I’m fighting against.

It’s crazy making.

I did this for The Verge:

It was a huge pain, took three days, and I hated it. But it got the message out there. So that’s good, right? Then it almost immediately started serving up Tony Robbins ads. In the years since it’s been mostly spitting out Tai Lopez. That’s what it’s serving me right now when I load it up in an incognito browser.


A 48 minute Tai Lopez pre-roll about making money online.

Crazy making.

I don’t really know what to do about it. Maybe bury myself in the mud and learn to live on raw root vegetables?

But I guess I do know one site where a person can publish stories about scams without participating in scams. I might best stick to it.