Pat O’Bryan :: Your Portable Empire Strikes Back


Work from Home –or Anywhere– with Pat O’Bryan’s “Your Portable Empire” Internet Marketing Solutions”

Says the tagline on Pat O’Bryan’s low traffic website. Pat does work from home :: and you can too!! :: as long as you make your home up Joe Vitale’s ass like Pat does. Pat pretends he’s some kind free spirt entrepreneur honcho wandering around life barefoot sucking a cigar and bringing in millions.  But that’s crap.  He’s just a bitch :: low man … in a ghetto ass game that he’s too stupid to precisely understand.

Pat wrote a book.  Yippee!  Who hasn’t? {me! :: fuck books} The book is just the same old garbage LIE about how easy it is to gain your freedom via quick Internet millions. Of course :: if quick Internet millions were a possibility :: Pat wouldn’t have to spend ALL his time giving Joe oily backrubs. But even without an understanding of the inner workings of the SickMachine :: you can tell this book is crap.  Here’s what one of the sycophantic 5 Star Amazon reviewers had to say …

“You write an information product on a topic you’re interested in, with a view toward providing information people would be willing to buy in that niche. Convert it to a PDF file using a free service like pdfonline. Then set up an account with Clickbank or 1shoppingcart for payment processing. Set up a simple sales letter style web site … You buy a domain name for your product and point it to your web host. Upload your site to your domain with a free FTP utility like Filezilla. Create a download page for your product and a registration (or “squeeze”) page to capture email addresses for your newsletter/email list. Use a quality autoresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse or iContact. Pat basically gives you the entire business model on 1 page near the end of the book, with about 10 or 11 simple steps to take.”

Yep! :: he gives it to you all right!  All in one page :: what a magnanimous altruist.  Teeny Tiny Problem :: that won’t fucking work. I know :: you’re shocked :: but it won’t work. If that’s all you had to do to attain a life of pleasure and leisure :: then EVERYONE would have a life of pleasure and leisure.

Put up a web page :: and anyone in the world can see it instantly :: true. It’s a beautiful fucking miracle :: and one of the best things ever.  But possibility and probability aren’t close friends. Anyone CAN see your “Buy my PDF” site :: but almost no one actually will. Of the small number who do :: far fewer still will actually buy it. Non-scamming online success is about a having a great idea :: and great ideas are just as hard to come by online as off.

Your Portable Empire is the same crap story being peddled by nearly every other “Internet Marketing Trainer” out there :: and it’s garbage. Pat :: like every other hack bastard :: offers up his own “success” as a kind of non-scientific evidence of the possibilites.  But Pat knows the half-ass methods which he describes won’t work. Even applied to the Unicorn Niches {Get Money Now :: Get Skinny Now :: Get Happy Now} :: it’s almost impossible to succeed.  Why?  Cause a couple hundred other d-bags are already cashing in on the dreamers. If you want to be a successful dream exploiter :: you’ll have to start at the bottom … and suck … blow … and ego massage your way to the middle :: just like real life.  It has NOTHING to do with freedom or independence.  In fact :: you make yourself slave to the lowest of the low. You’ll have to put all your eggs in one basket full of jackals :: and if you’re not the meanest mother fucking {literally!} jackal in the basket :: then you’ll walk away with nothing but bloody legs.

The list of “editorial reviewers” tells the story of IM much more accurately than the crap text of the book …

  • Mark Joyner
  • Joe Sugarman
  • Joe Vitale — “This amazing book can free all working people to make money doing what they truly love!”
  • David Garfinkel
  • Craig Perrine
  • Bill Hibbler

… circle jerks all! There is nothing “editorial” about those names :: they are all a part of the same game.

In the book Pat uses golf as an example of a niche were you might sell your wares.  Not-Doctor Kilstein’s “thoughts” exactly! I’m sure Kilstein made nine figures selling that crap :: and you can too!  Or maybe not.

A book :: even a book of lies :: can only do so much damage. Sell it back to a used book store … and you’ll probably have wasted less than 10 bucks. And maybe you learned your lesson :: in which case it was 10 bucks well spent. But books :: like sales letter webpages with opt-ins :: aren’t the point. A dumb book full of recycled platitudes is just another way to sell super high priced :: life ruining :: con jobs to the most desperate of the most desperate.

Bogus seminars :: bogus coaching :: and $7,500 rides in leased automobiles … that’s what Pat O’Bryan is all about. That’s the avenue by which he’s temporaily scraped together some cash flow.

It’s not Yours.

It’s not Portable.

And it sure as shit ain’t no fucking Empire.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. In this video, Pat O’Bryan says he once had guys around him that he could “Suck their heads, basically.”


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      1. @Rafael Marquez, lol thought that was a bizarre statement myself. Suck their heads?? A Freudian slip for sure.

  2. Why are my comments not showing up? Once again, Salty, I enjoy this wonderful blog, but we need a little color in this pasty smorgasboard of losers cough {Stephen Pierce} cough.

    Heard it through the grapevine our wonderful friend Tony Robbins wants to nail Pierce’s head on the wall for ripping him off. Oopsie woopsie

    1. @sonic earz,

      Read Stephen Pierce’s bio where he tells you how he started on the Internet. There is a missing period of several years before that start.

      He does not mention the 1996 Black America Online [BAOL] failure and investors screwed. Do you know about the Maryland corporation Black America Online Inc., who owned it, and what happened to it? Did you know about claims the company was earning $80,000 monthly at the same time it was really falling apart?

      Do you know about the fraud investigation by the state of Maryland? Did you know about the investor invested $50,000 and who arranged for BAOL to get a credit card she claimed Pierce used to charge stereos, tv’s, and clothes?

      The BAOL slogan was “Connecting and Educating a Black Nation.” Now you will find similar black separatist marketing by Pierce at “black churches” and elsewhere. Does this mean Pierce hates crackers or wants to take advantage of blacks by misusing his own skin color?

      Where is Stephen “Roc” Pierce’s brother Thomas “Pakii” Pierce? What does Thomas know?

      Is this Pakii?
      On the InterTubes, he was “blogging for fun and profit” as “The Mindset Motivator.”

      1. @Missing D. Story, if it’s not peddling religion to defraud people of their hard earned money it’s using the race card. Using separatist “black church” marketing is a very common trick just like David Schirmer is doing. If Schirmer were black he’d do the same thing.

        That’s some good info you posted @Missing. That myspace page does look a lot like Thomas Pierce. Why did he stop making millions with his blogs? What happened?

        Perry Belcher brought us twitter marketing, Maria Andros gave us video marketing, and now Stephen Pierce has racist marketing. Very unique “dontcha” think? Hey lookz! He can join the Copy Nazi and Harlan Kilstein with their racist profits.

      2. @Missing D. Story,

        You forgot the SEC charges behind his “swing trading” product for making earnings claims based on “simulated trades.” A common method of claiming a stock trading scheme works, by creating a “system” that would have created a profit in the past – which is easy since you know what happened already.

  3. Wow, what gives, salty? Two good posts in a row. this one was really good, actually. Slow down, sport. I much prefer being able to take a nice steaming 4 coil shit on your socialist head. Kinda hard to do that when I agree with what you say.

    Absolutely, the laughable “put up a one page sales letter website selling a book (that you outsourced or picked up in a PLR mega pack), and then sit back and hope your clickbank account can handle all the digits about to flood into your account” advice never worked. Even 10 years ago. Today? Good fucking luck with that.

    Seriously, though, I doubt the guys book is that limp dicked. Nobody is hawking that type of shitty advice.

    1. @the voice of reason,

      Whoa whoa stop making so much sense…it hurts the heads of the people around here…

    1. @suzy, Why yes, it IS that Fat O’Bryan. Exactly how DOES he manage to fit so far up Joe Vitale’s ass and still manage to reach around and light Joe’s cigars on demand? That is a true mystery of science.

      1. @Frank, you might have hit on something. Maybe Joe isn’t as bulbous as we thing – it’s just Pat inflating him! Let’s extract O’Bryan and see if he’s like a more warped, $97 version of Stephen King’s “Thinner”.

  4. David Schirmer was writing a book too in fact he promoted it as a give away enticing people to come to his world event(you lucky buggers you’ve got me styled global world event) and I think it was with Bob Proctor. It was to be free too I think (or if you were an idiot and didnt realise that you had actually already paid for it in the price of the amazing ticket to his global world event designed to change the shape of your head to fit your new enlarged brain type event) and guess what ………… IT NEVER APPEARED. Oh shit surprises you say. No not entirely the only surprise was for Schirmer who forgot that he had put the marketing on the web and the fact that HE SAID the book would be free on his marketing. I have a copy of that marketing in my idiots file archived several years ago to know WHO NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

  5. Hey Salty,

    I love the timing of this book just James Ray’s trial being rescheduled to 2011. Pat O’Bryan is on the witness list as a survivor of a past sweat lodge hosted by JAR and basically said in a blog post that he did a 3 hour sweat lodge and survived so why would anyone have a problem with a wimpy 2 hour sweat lodge???

    It also seems there are rumors from some James Ray insiders that many of Pat O’Bryan’s early ebooks were thinly repackaged and quickly rewritten variations of JAR’s material. (Many information marketers take existing publications and rewrite 20% to avoid copyright infringement then republish as there own work).

    1. @terry hall, maybe I was reading your first sentence incorrectly, but it sounded as if you were implying that the publication date of Pat’s book is somehow related to developments in the James Ray case. If that is what you intended, I wanted to put things in perspective, not as a defense of Pat but of accuracy. “Your Portable Empire,” was first published in August 2007.

      To my knowledge Pat was influenced by, and earned his place in the New-Wage world because of, Joe Vitale, not James Ray. Before he met Joe, Pat was, by his own description, “a broke blues musician.” Pat became Joe’s guitar teacher, they became buddies, and the rest… well, you know. More on that momentarily.

      Pat wasn’t on any *official* JAR witness list that I know of (though it occurs to me that perhaps you’re just using “witness list” as a figure of speech). I don’t think he has ever actually met James Ray. However, Pat did, IMO, display a dismissive and somewhat callous attitude about the Sedona tragedy in this blog post:

      Here’s what he wrote, in part:
      “I’ve participated in sweat lodge ceremonies. I didn’t die. I found it invigorating.

      “James Ray has included sweat lodge ceremonies in other events and nobody died.

      “Several people popped out of the sweat lodge at Ray’s event feeling great.”


      That said, most New-Wage offerings, particularly the ubiquitous ebooks and other infoproducts, are indeed derivative of other people’s work; as Salty and numerous others have noted, it’s one big big circle jerk.

      Regarding the buddy factor I alluded to above: While I think Pat is *marginally* more honest about the actual expected results of his Portable Empire coaching than other selfish-help gurus and wannabes are about their stuff, the one huge step he leaves out of his published formula for success is this one: “Be in the right place at the right time, and become close friends with someone who is already very successful in some field, and hope that person will take you along for the ride.” (Maybe that’s three steps in one.)

      It helps if you have talents and skills your mentor lacks and can use to further his own “empire” — in Pat’s case, genuine musical talent and production skills. Being a good drinking and cigar buddy helps too, I suppose. [Apparently there are bonus points for having a huge tolerance for your mentor’s little quirks, inconsistencies, and mistreatment of other friends and business partners. I’m just reading between lines again, though. You know me.] At any rate, it seems obvious that Joe has inspired a rabid loyalty in Pat that has prompted Pat on more than one occasion to lash out at Joe’s critics.

      In any case, here are examples of products created as a result of Portable Empire coaching:

      IMO, however, none of them can hold a soy candle to the Wish Dolly and the oil-clearing audio. But then again, they don’t have that Vitale marketing muscle behind them.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, Ah, I remember that lovely exchange you, Ron, and Pat had on his blog (now sanitized, but I think I have it saved for posterity).

        He showed his true colors as a pit bull defender of Joe and that he cannot stick to issues and defend his position based upon its merits; he can only defend himself by attacking others.

        Too bad he’s in California searching for “beats” or I’m sure the pit bull would be frothing at the mouth right about now.

        1. @Burned By Fire Ah, the Beats. While Mr. Fire was giving us a book report on Melville’s use of symbolism (perhaps planting the roots for a new Mr. Fire book to be called “The Ahab Syndrome”), his sidekick was heading West to seek out the ghosts of Jack and Neal and Allen. I suppose a fascination with the Beats is to be expected at one point or another in the lives of those with tortured poetic souls, but geez, it’s sort of a cliche, isn’t it?

          But then, perhaps I’m jaded. Having a little too much firsthand experience with alcoholics and alcoholism, I find that I just can’t romanticize the Beats all that much myself, though I like some of their poetry. (I’ve always liked “Howl,” for example. There, I said it. I’m a cliche too.) It’s not that I think Pat is necessarily romanticizing the substance abuse angle, but he *is* playing heavily on the sheer romance of the whole Beat thing.

          Cliche or not, the Beats beat is giving Pat something new to blog about while he’s struggling to create a new book. More amusingly, his road trip seems to be providing something for his less informed fans/followers to ooh and ahh over. Judging by some of their remarks to his posts on various social media, I think some of them really do believe he is going to try to interview Jack Kerouac if he can just catch up with the guy. Maybe they’re just going along with the joke, but I have my doubts.

          Moving forward a generation or so, Pat is also revisiting the ghosts of hippies past, and I am sure that some of his fans will be earnestly saying that it’s a shame he missed the big music festival in Monterrey this year but maybe he can catch it next year, and almost certainly a man of his stature on the Interwebz will be able to get Janis and Jimi to consent to participating in a webinar.

          As you said in another comment, BBF, some of these people probably do not need to be quitting their day jobs. Meanwhile, I’m sure Pat snorts contemptuously at their ignorance, while continuing to take their money.

      2. @Cosmic Connie, I’m wondering if Joe wasn’t target marketing to musicians for awhile. I’d heard of him (along with Pat O’ Bryan) long before The Secret through a guy that ran a musician’s networking site who was all about everything Joe did.

        I think you’re right on about these guys looking for facilitators via their followers, probably offering their supreme “guidance” instead of pay for services. It has so much VALUE, after all!

        1. @Feather Boa-Constricter, Joe has been interested in music for many years and tinkered with the guitar even back when I knew him. I’m sure he’s done some target marketing to musicians but that’s probably just one of many things he’s done.

          Here’s a link, in Pat’s own words, to how he met Joe and eventually became a Portable Emperor (this was written ca. 2006. And note the Vitale-style short paragraphs):

      3. @Cosmic Connie, Thanks for the corrections and clarifications. I did confuse O’Bryan’s interview with the witness list and my comments were a weak attempt at humor (Law of Attraction and all).

        I appreciate your attention to detail and keeping the facts, factual.

        O’Bryan’s pedigree does stem from his Vitale connection and several Ray insiders shared their surprise how his content became very similar to Ray’s after attending his events.

          1. @SD, oh please God no, not 2 of them!! At least the other one appears to take regular baths. Hopefully, he’s much more genuine than Joe Vitale’s manservant.

            1. @mop head ::


              … and I don’t know the what what about Pat 2 :: so posting his pic wasn’t intended as an invitation to cruelty {which is usually the case FTW!!}.

              Hopefully he’s not a soulless sellout PigBeast like Pat 1 :: deserving of any and all rhetorical harshities

  6. Perhaps it’s the horse-crazy ten-year-old of my youth, but I gotta say, I just LOVE Li’l Pinko. I hope to see much more of him in the future.

    I think he deserves his own Facebook page.

    There. I said it.

    1. @mojo, I’m *still* horse crazy and I’m wild about Li’l Pinko too. But I’ve always been more of a Pegasus fan myself. Salty, does Pinko have any winged cousins?

      1. @SD,

        Wow. Ask, believe, receive. The power of Li’l Pinko in action, for all to see!

        (What other explanation could there possibly be?)

  7. This is an open letter to Pat, Joe, and their sycophants.

    Dear Believers,

    Please be aware of the fact that your lurking on this blog and clicking anonymously on the thumbs-down in response to every critical comment is a completely transparent action. If you disagree with something that is said here, or wish to challenge the veracity or validity of the stated facts and/or opinions, you are free to voice your dissent. Doing so would probably require a level of courage that is beyond your grasp, as you would no doubt be the target of even more scorn (but you attracted it, remember?). However, you could at least be assured that your comments would see the light of day, as Salty doesn’t feel the need to delete comments with which he disagrees. He isn’t trying to hide like Joe & Pat do on their own forums.

    So c’mon Joe, Pat, & co. Man up. Grow a pair and say your piece, rather than hiding behind anonymous mouse clicks like some social outcast who snipes from the safety of his mother’s basement. We know you’re here. We know you’re reading this blog. And we also know you’re privately seething.


    1. I think we’ve all seen Pat O’Bryan’s anonymous pro-DB comments on this blog and others. For example, look under some of Salty’s Bill Harris posts here, and you’ll see comments that sure sound like they came from straight from Pat.

      Check out this post and notice the comments from “Rob,” who surprisingly shows up with the contrarian view about Salty’s blog just after Pat’s comment:

      “My problem is when it goes too far,” he says:

      Maybe in a few years Pat will revise “Your Portable Empire” to be about his future experiences in mobile home living.

      1. @Phil, thanks for that blast from the past. I love how Pat bows down in submissive admiration for the Droid like a doggie exposing his belly, hoping that he can avoid the smackdown he rightly deserved. In Pat’s limited worldview, EVERYONE wants to be an internet marketer speaking at someone’s seminar, so of course, why wouldn’t the Droid want everyone bowing at his feet telling him how AWESOME he is?

        This is also how Joe Vitale acted towards Dan Harris on his blog after the ABC interviewer asked him hard questions. See, they think since brown-nosing works in their world, it works everywhere.

        Here’s the *secret* formula: Just tell someone that they’re awesome and you admire them, and maybe that person (if they have zero self esteem and require sycophantic platitudes to survive) will look past your behaviors, or maybe even excuse them for you, or maybe even join in the hype-notic efforts to play the game. Luckily, their tactics only work in the very middle of a Wimberley, Texas Siglo Circle Jerk.

    2. @RevRon,

      There is another possibility or two. Perhaps…just maybe…the vast majority of thinking people who drop by this blog see through the idiocy going on and simply vote MOST of your crap down.

      EXAMPLE: If things are getting voted down all over the blog, everyone instantly assumes it the dirtbags’ minions doing it. Then all the SD minions rush in to try and mindlessly vote things UP.

      You tell the dirtbags to come on and post. Yet anything that makes half an inch of sense is voted down by the Salty Minions, yet, when they accidentally mark one of their OWN down in their frenzy, they chime in with “it’s ok — getting voted DOWN can actually make your comments more VISIBLE.”

      You can’t have it both ways, as so many posters here say constantly.

      Yet that’s exactly what Salty himself does constantly. Stating facts that aren’t facts and, when called on them, stating he’s just a comedian and none of it should be taken seriously.

      You can’t have it both ways. Either you’re a comic and a sick one at that, or you’re blowing out your ass and covering it up with the comedy routine.

      This will be voted down HUGE quick. That will according to you guys make it MORE visible. Cool. Let’s see.

      The problem is that there is serious wrong going on. JAR is an example in its purest form. Salty’s hit some others pretty solidly, whether by accident or with some kind of inside info but nothing complete.

      But the approach and the inane banter that follow renders it all useless, so the Dirt Bags can live on to rip people off another day, waving away SD and this site whenever anyone mentions it because — after all — it’s just a comedy routine.

      Don’t believe me? Read through the comments a while.

      Let’s see — you can’t possibly teach anything to anyone unless you’re rich…because otherwise you must be lying about your own success. But if you don’t exhibit your wealth in an opulent way, you must be lying about your wealth. However, if you show off your wealth you must be a scam because it’s the “usual trappings” — or you’re a hopeless pig rip-off cause just look at the way you flaunt the spoils of your theft.

      Which is it?

      I hear “authorities” on this site…frequent commenters…stating that someone must not be rich — just look at his house. Have you ever heard of Warrenn Buffett? Have you ever read The Millionaire Next Door? MOST REAL millionaires in America are for the most part unspottable. They live modestly and save and invest for the future. MANY of the wealthy visibly are in hock up to their ears.

      I hear all kinds of opinions here, too, on the quality of new programs or courses or teaching but, to the best of what I’ve read, no one commenting actually BOUGHT the courses and publications they’re badmouthing.

      And of course we hear a lot of comments here about how something is stupidly expensive.

      That’s what freedom in a capitalist country is all about. You have a right to create anything and sell it for anything — unless you’re in a regulated industry where pricing is controlled.

      Anything. Any price.

      Anyone hear of Rolex? Kinda’ does the same thing as a Timex, right? Different price.

      The secret ingrediant: NO ONE HAS TO BUY IT.

      And I hear all the time how all this stuff is simply re-hashed crap you can find all over the web for free.

      A lot of it IS recreated. Kind of like a novelist working with the 18 total known plots to have ever been used in fiction.

      There are no more than the bacic 18. Period.

      Does that make ALL fiction a rehash? No. Does it make all fiction good? No.

      Finally — you are right it’s all out there for free. But I have to ask — how many of you have actually gone out there, pulled all that free stuff in, arranged it in something you could follow and gone on to create a full-time living for yourself?

      Anybody? Anybody? Anyboy?

      So — all in all it could just be that the vast majority of people visiting here think what you guys are blathering on and on about ad nauseum is simply…a stupid waste of time and worth voting DOWN.

      Just something to think about.

      Fraud is bad in any form. It’s an evil that must be stopped. SD is right he has the right to do whatever the hell he wants with this blog. Unfortunately, the direction he’s chosen is … sadly pathetic.

      And — nope. I ain’t connected to ANYONE you guys have had so much fun bantering about on this blog. I’m not here to do anything but state my opinion of what you’ve been doing.

      Everyone here is always saying visitors should speak their mind and I did.

      Perhaps, like the thumbs up and thumbs down, it’ disappointing to hear for you you. Doesn’t change how I feel one bit.

      1. @Bigfoot ::

        You’ve pretty much got that all completely wrong. Congrats!

        I can see what happens with the voting :: cause I have some fancy ass shit on the back end. The d-bags do indeed roll and in here and vote comments down like pathetic little trolls. But it’s not effective. I think overall the voting works out really well. Attention is drawn to much loved comments :: and comments that are cruel to victims or contain intentional obfuscation are disapproved.

        You say we can’t “have it both ways” :: but in fact we can :: because there are many voices in these comments. How could you have internal consistency in an open forum? Impossible.

        To your other stupid points:

        1. NO ONE HAS TO BUY IT. Whatever! And people don’t “have to” join cults :: or the the Nazis :: yet they do … with clock like precision. Coercive persuasion is highly effective :: that’s why fuckstains use it to steal money. If a customer has been misled :: then they haven’t exercised their free will in making a decision. Maybe you’re not one of the assholes :: but that ignorant argument is Asshole Apologist 101.

        2. Anything. Any price. Is NOT the rule. You can’t control prices :: attempt to eliminate competition :: carve up the market :: or sell based on false pretenses or claims. Those things are all crimes. The prices of the fruaducts I talk about are relevant because they are the manifestation of those other factors. Without creepy cult tactics :: a useless digital download would NEVER sell for $2000.

        3. The content of the products is never analysed because it’s just a side point. This site is about fraudulent and abusive tactics. It’s not okay to use fraudulent tactics to sell … even if the actual products are of some quality. Some people turn the teachings of the Bible into horribly abusive cults that seek to destroy people so that the “leader” can lead the fat life. That doesn’t say anything for or against the Bible.

        I voted your comment down :: because it was simultaneously ignorant and pretentious. I don’t agree with @Snaggletooth that getting voted down makes a comment more visible. And I’m actually trying to modify the plugin so that a second nega-threshold would lead to auto disemvoweling.

        Please leave another comment :: another time :: and try to get at least one thing right.

        1. @SD,
          1. NO ONE HAS TO BUY IT. Whatever! And people don’t “have to” join cults :: or the the Nazis :: yet they do … with clock like precision. Coercive persuasion is highly effective :: that’s why fuckstains use it to steal money. If a customer has been misled :: then they haven’t exercised their free will in making a decision. Maybe you’re not one of the assholes :: but that ignorant argument is Asshole Apologist 101.

          No, nobody “HAS” to buy anything…they simply don’t…everyone has free will to buy whatever they want. Your talk of “coersive persuasion” is fricking crazy you really believe what you’re saying? You’re really comparing internet marketing to the fucking Nazi’s? Last I checked, no internet marketer came through the computer screen and pulled someone into their “cult”.

          2. Anything. Any price. Is NOT the rule. You can’t control prices :: attempt to eliminate competition :: carve up the market :: or sell based on false pretenses or claims. Those things are all crimes. The prices of the fruaducts I talk about are relevant because they are the manifestation of those other factors. Without creepy cult tactics :: a useless digital download would NEVER sell for $2000.

          Actually, you can control your own prices…anybody can sell a $2,000 digital download if they want to. And *gasp*, what if an (expensive) product hits the market that doesn’t sell on false pretenses or claims, and can actually back up what they’re saying?

          3. The content of the products is never analysed because it’s just a side point. This site is about fraudulent and abusive tactics. It’s not okay to use fraudulent tactics to sell … even if the actual products are of some quality. Some people turn the teachings of the Bible into horribly abusive cults that seek to destroy people so that the “leader” can lead the fat life. That doesn’t say anything for or against the Bible.

          How is content just a side point? If you have a product that has good content, and you ‘market’ that product to people, why is that wrong? What are these fraudulent tactics you are talking about? – Sales videos, sales letters, email…you got a lot of catching up to do, there’s THOUSANDS of sales pages being built and emails sent every day! Seriously, your talk about the bible and cult tactics is nuts dude. These are people who are buying and selling, nothing more… I guess the church is a cult too, since millions of people go to church every Sunday and give the church money, m i rite guyzzz??

          I’m really trying to understand where your thinking of the free market comes from, I really am, but a lot of what you’re saying just isn’t adding up…I mean, honestly, comparing the free market to cults and Nazi’s?, come on man.

          1. Oh, now “Kann” has suddenly returned. Do you ride around on Pat O’Bryan’s back? Or do you live up his ass like Pat lives up Joe Vitale’s ass?

          2. @Kann, church, cult tactics, and marketing all fit together better than a happy meal n a movie. Case in point: David Schirmer and Stephen Pierce.

      2. @Bigfoot, you sound so familiar. Like pointing a finger at someone and telling them they’re worthless unless they, too have been successful repackaging crap and selling it.

        That’s the same thing Pat O’Bryan tried to say to make me, Connie, and other critics seem worthless. I think at one point Pat tried to liken me to a McDonald’s employee back in his criticwatch days.

        Problem is, the comparison is based on that limited worldview only Pat’s small alcohol-addled brain can comprehend. You must have had some similar experiences, Bigfoot.

        Here’s a fucking clue: the circle jerk of internet marketing is a very little circle. You’re swimming in a very little pond, and you’re not a very big fish in that pond either, and here’s something for you: the pond is noxious and toxic and awful underneath that thin veneer of unicorn marketing.

        But in LIFE – real life, not internet marketing life – there are lots of other measures of success. LOTS of them. By the measures of success in my world, you’ve just traded your trailer and being broke up… you’re still slave to the man, maybe not 9-to-5, but the man you’re giving oily backrubs to makes Dabney Coleman’s character look downright altruistic.

      3. @Bigfoot, you sure write a lot like Pat, except for your claim that there is some serious wrong going on in the self-help industry. (Unless you’ve changed your mind on that since “The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test” was written.) :-) Anyway, I’m giving you neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down because I agree with some of what you said and disagree with much of it.

        I agree that the thumbs-up/thumbs-down game can get kind of silly on both sides, and that sometimes even dissenters who aren’t mere trolls get voted down. I have also read The Millionaire Next Door, and I know, and know of, people who genuinely are making lots of money but choose to live beneath their means. More importantly, I know from my own experiences that sometimes we back people with whom we disagree into rhetorical corners where they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and anything they do invites scorn and criticism. I even wrote about that during my “Wink Wednesdays” series on my blog, which, I fear, most of my readers thought was pretty much a waste of time.

        That said, Bigfoot, I think you may be oversimplifying the gripes that many participants here have about the New-Wage hustledorks, especially in regard to material wealth and related issues.

        I can’t speak for everyone who comments on Salty’s blog, but where money issues are concerned, my own gripes are with folks who, even if they are not out-and-out fraudsters, dangle the carrot of the “good life” to attract more suckers. I’m talking about (1)those who continually flaunt their expensive cars, etc. as proof that their products or services are effective, while in reality they are in hock up to their ears (or their lives are in some other way noticeably screwed up); and (2) those who unnecessarily exaggerate their wealth, e.g., claiming they live on a “multimillion dollar estate” when its real value is under $325,000. Look, a $325,000 home in a pretty area can be quite impressive in and of itself, depending,I suppose, upon the circumstances under which it was acquired. Why the need to call it a multi-million dollar estate?

        Anyway, my guess is that even if they’re not committing actual fraud, most of the folks who are targeted on this blog fall under one or both of the categories above.

        I will say this about Pat O’Bryan, however: To my knowledge, he has never actually claimed that he is raking in millions. From what I have seen, he generally writes that he is making a comfortable six-figure income. And yes, one can be a barefoot entrepreneur on six figures (or less). Still, the point I was trying to make in an earlier comment is that it just isn’t that easy for everyone, whether or not they use a “guaranteed formula for success,” and more than likely it would not have happened for Pat at all if not for his unique — and *continuing* — close relationship with Joe Vitale.

        The really honest entrepreneurs will tell you that to achieve and maintain success you can’t just sit back on your lawn chair smoking cigars while the money rolls in. You have to work — CONSTANTLY — at creating, marketing, monitoring sites and affiliates, etc. It may be work you love and perhaps it doesn’t always seem like work, but it’s work nonetheless. (This isn’t a comment on the merits, or lack thereof, of the products that the successful entrepreneurs are selling — just on the efforts involved.)

        As I said in an earlier comment, I think that when Pat promotes his Portable Empire work he is marginally more honest about the expected results than some other h-dorks have been. I have absolutely no doubt that he rolls his eyes at some of the products his clients have created, however, even as he promotes them on his site. And as for some of the seriously eye-rolling products that Pat has created and marketed along with Joe, I’ve written about those on numerous occasions, and I think they are worthy of the best (or worst) that Salty has to offer.

        Salty can defend himself, as can the other commenters here, if they wish. But I just want to say, looking past the grousing in the posts and the ensuing comments, that I believe there is a deeper message here that goes beyond the foul-mouthed “comedic” persona of the blog’s author, and past the sometimes childish name-calling that goes on in this forum. The message is that our ways of measuring “success” in this society lead to far more misery than bliss. And yet the hustledorks hustle on, honing the message for new generations, flaunting those slick images of the good life to inspire the naive and hopeful to click on the “Buy now” button.

        Arguably, most of what goes on in the industry is not in the seriously f—d-up category of James Ray’s Sweatgate. But it is still worth looking at with a sharply critical eye.

        1. @Burned By Fire and @SD, While I was laboriously typing my reply to Bigfoot, you two guys just said it better than I ever could have, getting to the heart of Pat’s…um “Bigfoot’s”… comment rather than focusing on one aspect of it as I did. And admittedly my comment pretty much glossed over the main point, which, as you noted, Salty, is that this site is about fraudulent and abusive tactics more than it is about the merits of what’s being sold.

          It amazes me sometimes how even in my snarkitude I still try to be somewhat fair to Pat O. when he did, after all, make a concentrated effort to denigrate my life’s work, declaring that my guy Ron and I are obviously incapable of creating anything of value. He sort of apologized for that on my blog…but then came back and did it again here on Salty’s blog.

          At any rate, I wonder if Pat is singing your praises now, Salty, as he was doing a few months ago on the Daniel Levis blog post alluded to above.

      4. All that passion, and only half the calories. Sure, that’s not Pat. It’s…Pat Lite(tm).

        Say Pat, have you penciled in a penis on Patshun yet? ‘Course, you probably need to grow some balls first.

      5. @Bigfoot, Pat, I won’t belabor every point in your predictable missive, since others have done an admirable job already. I will, however, address one analogy you made: the comparison of overpriced New Wage scams to Rolex watches. Your analogy would be more appropriate if you were to sell someone a $20,000 “Rolex” that is actually a fake, or a genuine Rolex case , but with a Timex mechanism inside. The buyer would be quite justified in being outraged. Sadly, much of what is being marketed nowadays is little better than rehashed Timex principles, tucked inside a supposedly Rolex case. And in some cases, the mechanism being sold is inherently defective, such as one huckster’s assertion that the constant and ever-increasing desire for more material things is a Buddhist principle. Pure hogwash, and nothing short of actual fraud, and he knows it. People like that deserve to have the light of reason shone upon their actions, at the very least.

        I don’t enjoy the schoolyard-level personal attacks, and though I find them inappropriate, I can certainly understand the outrage that inspires them. Thankfully, the hustledorks are finally being recognized for what they really are by more & more people, in no small part due to the efforts of critics. That the media has begun paying attention, rather than simply giving these jerks a pass, is encouraging, as well.

      6. @Bigfoot,

        Yes, Warren Buffett makes a big deal about his house in Omaha.

        But did you know he also owns a huge house on the beach here in Orange County? And other houses?

        Buffett’s simple persona is a persona. It’s marketing. It’s not reality.

        Learning to distinguish illusion from reality – that’s one step on the twelve-step path to freedom.

    1. @sonic earz,

      If it’s any consolation, my admiration of Li’l Pinko keeps getting knocked down as well. Even though it has nothing to do with the folks in question, but just an innocent by-the-way celebration of the awesome magic of pink unicorns that shit gold.

      I guess some people here are just too into their sad, cynical hating to appreciate such wondrous creatures.

      1. @mojo, Yeah, I noticed that your remark keeps getting voted down too. People who beat up on poor innocent mythical equines really are pathetic. And yet they — the defenders of Vitale et al. — call *us* haters…

    2. @sonic earz, I wouldn’t even care about the thumbs down. People LOVE to see what’s under a “thumbs down,” so they will all definitely get read. It’s kind of like a highlight! Plus, it’s super obvious to anyone what’s going on there. It’s really kind of funny, because “thumbs down” doesn’t make anything disappear, it just makes it stand out! LOL.

        1. @Yakaru, I’m ANTI-scammer, you goof! I’m making the point that the douchebags can come here and jack with the good comments and people will still read them. Sheesh!

          1. @Snaggletooth,
            Ok, sorry, I take my comment back. Your wording was a bit ambiguous. It sounded like you were saying that trolls only get highlighted by being hidden.

  8. Does anyone else love these guys’ appearance? Guess when you have millions, personal hygiene and grooming are just not that important anymore.

    1. @mop head, Perhaps it’s the “eccentric rich guy” look.Talk to any banker and you’ll hear stories of actual millionaires,heirs and heiresses usually,who tragically look like homeless people,and live in squallor. However,it’s more likely the wannabes featured on this forum are just plain dirty and disgusting and jealous because they can’t poop gold or diamonds.

  9. Pat was a broke blues musician before he found his portable empire.

    Pat’s business seems to be composed of two parts.

    1, he does meditation audios called “clearing audios” and repackages public domain works (and rips off ideas from Russian ladies named Maria) that he sells as joint ventures with Fireboy (aka Joe Vitale)

    2, he teaches others how they, too, can make a portable empire online and quit their jobs.

    Problem with 1 is that these pander to the worst of the worst of the unicorn ideas. Clearing for weight loss, for more money, for clearing the gulf, for whatever… they must be successful because he keeps coming up with new angles on meditation audios. Also, his minions in his portable empire coaching program come up with the same type of tripe… affirmation videos, audios, you name it.

    This part of his business is the ugliest. It’s The Secret in practice, but don’t forget to beat yourself up if you can’t make the Law of Attraction work for you. It’s just YOUR unconscious problems. You’re obviously blocking it with YOUR unconscious. Here, give us your money, and we will give you this download that will clean up YOUR unconscious. The Law of Attraction works, you see, it’s just YOU with the problem.

    So a formerly broke blues musician and a not-hypnotist hypnotic copywriter get together and put out products that supposedly mess with people’s unconscious minds. If it doesn’t work, it’s a rip off. If it does work, how do these people know anything about the unconscious/subconscious minds? Or how to mess with it?

    Do they test these things before they start screwing with people’s heads? Oh wait, their disclaimers say that what they’re really selling is HARD WORK so nevermind efficacy or honesty or professionalism. You just need to work hard.

    Oh wait, but if I just need to work harder, but LOA isn’t working for me because it’s all my unconscious problem… wait, the logical circles have me rocking in the fetal position trying to figure it all out.

    Can’t have it both ways, guys.

    Ugly, ugly.

    Now as for business #2, I’ve seen the people who follow Pat. I can honestly believe that there are people who have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to market their candles, jewelry, meditation, or hypnosis products. I believe there are people who don’t know how to sign up for a Twitter account or buy a domain. I believe there are people who need to be coached how to do such things.

    I don’t think these people should be quitting their day jobs.

    1. @Burned By Fire,
      The disclaimers never say
      “Warning: This product has not been tested in any way at all and we actually don’t have a clue what it will do to your brain or any other part of your anatomy which come into contact with it. Testimonials were only written by the survivors, debtors, and the odd one or two who seemed to be in a good mood shortly after using it for the first time. Those people may now be dead, or no longer have the money for a legal fight to get their testimonial removed from the advertising material. In using this product you agree to take all responsibility (sorry – response-ability) for any damage it causes, and agree to ascribe any subsequent success you may experience to the product or its producer.”

  10. Well either a great new idea, a unique angle on an existing idea or you simply provide a better product or service than the existing players do. The last one of trying to find a market that is large enough and at the same time catered to by companies with shitty service or products is the way Richard Branson has done it from the start. Look for problems that frustrate you and then solve them – you are bound to find that other people have similar problems. If you need SEO advice ask Jason :)

    Salty, thanks for the Slovenia plug the other day BTW :) (My missus is Slovenian and all), although I don’t think they need any more tourists mucking up their lovely nature :)

  11. Well, I finally made the big time. I’m flattered. FYI, this is my first post to this thread- I just saw it tonight. Don’t assume that everybody with a decent vocabulary and succinct writing style who posts here is me.

    Let’s add a few facts to the mix. (First, I tip my hat to Cosmic Connie. Thanks for playing fair.)

    1. Come on. I’ve lost 65 pounds so far this year. I suspect that the vacation I’m on is gonna cost me, but I hardly qualify as “fat” anymore.

    2. All the audios I market come with an unlimited money-back guarantee. There’s no way my customers can get hurt. A lot of people like them and use them. Some people try them and don’t like them. They get their money back.

    3. You don’t have to guess or make up stories about my coaching program. The facts are at It’s the best $49/month value on the planet, if you want to learn internet marketing. There’s no contract, no obligation, and you can leave any time you like. The first month is just $18, which is less than it costs me to have my staff set up a new account.

    At the bottom of the page are video testimonials from people who are in the program. They’ve actually experienced it. You haven’t.

    4. As much fun as it is to see myself viewed through the prism of your… well, ignorance is the only word for it… I’m wondering why you (this includes the Droid and his readers/commenters) don’t do more and better research on your snargets? I’m on Facebook. I’m on Twitter. I have a blog that goes back a decade. You could, if it wasn’t too much of a strain on your intellect, actually find out who I am and what I do. I’ve commented about this on Connie’s blog, and it still confuses me. I’m not a cartoon. Neither are the other people you write about. Your writing and analysis is so one-dimensional that it lampoons itself. There may be important work to be done in the field of critical analysis of the self-help industry, but you focus narrowly on the “critical” part. Without the analysis, you’re just indulging in cheap self-gratification.

    At least you spelled my name correctly. Thanks for the publicity.

    1. @Pat O’Bryan ::

      1:30 am from a hotel on vacation huh? Couldn’t find any “beats”? Maybe you should look for posers instead.

      {patronizing} You haven’t quite made the big time cheech. {/patronizing} You’re just a minion of someone who has. Minons get the same treatment as their daddies … cause upset minions make things more difficult for daddies.

      To your numbered points ::

      1. You are fat … fat fat fat fat fat. Deal with it! If you lost 65 lbs on a diet … then you’ll gain back 74 … and you’ll be 1.234 times as depressed. Read it about … I’m sure you’ll discover I’m correct. Maybe all you d-bags should form a psychopath’s support group to help assuage the hurt feelings created by The Salty Droid Experience. “How dare he bully us! We’ll do the bullying around here!” “I’m not fat!” “I don’t look like a gnome!” rabble rabble rabble

      2. Your “clearing audios” are stupid. Objectively stupid. And why use the word “clearing” oh marketing genius and builder of empires? You know that’s a $cientology word right? Like their main fucking doublespeak word … so lame.

      3. Don’t care about your “coaching” … minion … and I doubt anyone else does either. Are you farming it out to a Mormon BoilerRoom like Joe? How totally “beat” of you.

      4. I’m glad you’re enjoying the prism of my ignorance :: try not to stand directly under the beam … it looks like a rainbow … but it isn’t one.

      1. @SD, Good point about the use of the word “clearing.” Very $cientology. We should never underestimate the reach and influence of $cientology, even among those who have never officially been members of the CO$.

        That said, SD, do know that you are my favorite robot so I hope you will pardon what seems like a lecture, but IMO the weight taunting is over-the-top. I think that snarking on this topic is only relevant in the context of weight-loss frauducts. I have no problem whatsoever with snarks about “clearing for weight loss” audios or even about “secret delivery methods” for hCG. But simply calling someone fat for the hell of it…well, that’s not my style (though of course this isn’t my blog either).

        My beef with folks who make weight-loss claims has always been the claim that they’ve FINALLY found the permanent solution to their weight problems (as Joe V. has done repeatedly). I cut a little slack to people who merely boast about their progress, partly because I know they’re probably setting themselves up for disappointment and depression. I am, however, less tolerant when these same folks try to market their “secrets” to others who struggle — although if they’re very honest about the fact that it’s not a miracle and that eternal vigilance is the price of svelte-ness, I’m likely to give them a pass. Fair or not, I’m even less tolerant about any weight-loss “secret” that has the stamp of Kevin True-dough. But apparently the program works for some people, at least in the short term.

        Even so, obesity is a serious problem and not in and of itself snarkworthy.

        OMT: I’m pretty sure Pat still does his own coaching. It’s Joe who farms his Miracles Coaching out to a Mormon boiler room. And then he spends much of his marketing energy promoting Miracles Coaching and/or his book Attract Money Now, which is a main promotional tool for the coaching.

        Okay, enough lecturing. Back to snarky business as usual!

      2. Some very rational and insightful comments here (RevRon’s in particular). Too bad Pat O’Bryan (and his ego) still doesn’t “get it,” and probably never will.

        Pat’s biggest problem is that he is not Pat. He is merely a collection of other peoples’ dander, namely Joe Vitale’s, and to a lesser degree, a parade of posers. What a sad way to live one’s life – dependent upon the spoiled fruits of others’ non-labors.

    2. @Pat O’Bryan, prize question: how do you compare to Diego Armando Maradona?

      (I was going to comment on your claim of possessing decent vocabulary, the differences between a succinct and a colloquial writing style, your sloppy punctuation and syntax as well as your implementation of weak references, but thought I’d stay on the level of my alleged intellectual properties or lack thereof.)

    3. @Pat O’Bryan, To begin with, I have to agree – to a point – with your assertion that the personal attacks compromise the credibility of some of the posts. However, as I pointed out in my previous comment, it is understandable that the anger arising in response to the marketing of faux “products” would sometimes manifest in a manner that is almost primal. Outrage – even justifiable outrage – is not always communicated calmly, dispassionately, or even fairly.

      That said, it should be noted that your own version of personal attack, such as the implication that your critics are illiterate or otherwise ignorant, doesn’t serve to bolster your own image very well. You are obviously aware of this, since you are quick to dismiss missives that are no less acerbic (and lacking in foundation) than your own. We’ve seen this same type of deflection in some of your past blog posts and your criticwatch Twitter page (both of which you rapidly sanitized or outright abandoned).

      As to some of your other points:
      By what criteria – beyond hype which lacks specific data to support claims made – does your portable empire coaching qualify as “the best $49/month value on the planet, if you want to learn internet marketing?” Specific examples of its veracity and results being superior to all other Internet marketing courses would be appreciated. I’ll wait.

      For your information, much of the criticism being leveled at you and your buddy Joe is a product of extensive research into not only the feasibility of claims made, but also based in commentary from a long list of people who have actually availed themselves of your & Joe’s plethora of “products,” or from people who know you and/or Joe beyond the facade that is presented to potential customers. To assume that the criticism occurred in a vacuum (or, for that matter, in an environment of envy, as you have often suggested) is patently narcissistic, not to mention inaccurate. In the grand scheme, neither you nor Joe are important enough to incite such emotions, except perhaps for the gullible few who are willing to take you at your hyperbole.

      Finally, I have to admit that I got a real laugh at your categorization of all criticism as being one-dimensional. Truth be told, I – or any number of participants here – could have accurately predicted – no, written – the responses you offered here. You are simply too predictable for your own good, and don’t realize it. The fact that hucksters are sometimes portrayed as lacking dimension should not be surprising, inasmuch as the projected persona of folks like you & Joe are by their nature, lacking in anything resembling human dimension. “Hail fellow, well met” in a cigar bar simply doesn’t wash, especially to those who actually know you two (and others like you).

      BTW – Regarding guarantees… I once had a Fiat X1/9, and it had a pretty good warranty. Unfortunately, the car – which was a hoot to drive when it actually ran – was a failure-prone POS. And all the protestations by the Fiat PR machine as to the car’s excellence couldn’t overcome the fact that it was a substandard product that failed to live up to most buyers’ reasonable expectations. I’m certain that there were some people who continued to publicly swear by their Fiats, even as they privately had to acknowledge what a mistake it had been to purchase one. I’ll leave it to you to figure out the relevance to your own comment.

    4. @Pat O’Bryan, is that anyway for someone who believes and practices Ho’oponopono and law of attraction to act? Have you forgotten that according to yours and Joe Vitale’s own books that everything that happens to you is because something inside you resonated with that life experience?

      How could you call what anyone says or does “ignorant”? It’s happening for a reason. Shouldn’t you be “clearing” or cleaning on this? You’d think that someone who practices what you have been preaching would be more inclined to be kinder to critics.

      It would seem that you’d be much more mature and welcome criticism with an earnest eye towards discovering how you can improve even more on your greatness and awesomeness, Pat. After all, you attracted this into your life. If you really believed in what you and Joe Vitale teach then both of you would have asked how you can make what you’re offering better and more valuable.

      But most importantly, you would have eagerly apologized and thanked us all for simply existing in your life. Remember what you wrote in Zero Limits?

      “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

      Funny how you’ve yet to say it to anyone outside of your buyer’s list.

      1. @Pat O’Bryan’s & Joe Vitale’s crystal ball, Joe wrote Zero Limits. I’m pretty sure Pat doesn’t actually believe in any of that stuff. But he’ll go along with it, publicly anyway, as long as it’s potentially lucrative. And Pat *did* thank all of us for the publicity. No need to thank us, Pat, we’re just doing our jobs. :-)

        1. @Pat O’Bryan, Do you practice “Hoshun?” Where do you keep “him?” On your fridge, or taped to the bathroom mirror?

          And what about the nice Russian lady that Joe lifted the idea from? She’s been trying to get in touch with Joe’s conscience, but all she gets is a busy signal. Is that because you’re always on the line?

        2. @Pat O’Bryan, What book would that be? Because I’ve read Your Portable Empire, and there doesn’t seem to be much in it about the Law of Attraction at all. Maybe you could provide a page number.

          Of course, you could just elucidate your TRUE feelings on ho’oponopono, Law of Attraction, etc, right here.

          You could tell us about your expertise in unconscious “clearing.” I am sure you would never screw with someone’s psychology without a degree, certification, and training.

          Please, Pat, since you’re all about transparency and clearing, perhaps you could come get clear with all of us how your expertise comes through in the products you peddle.

          BTW, I love the quote from Bill Harris from Centerpointe on your site. Are you guys good friends? Did you stand up for him at the wedding?

          1. Yes, Pat, please DO elucidate your TRUE feelings about ho’oponopono, and the “Law of Attraction.” Let’s have some intellectual honesty here, without the dancing and posturing. We’re all waiting.

        3. @Pat O’Bryan, “your take” on LOA? Your book says nothing about calling people names and then attracting a wonderful life ever after.

          You don’t practice Ho’opononopono? Guess what?? We all already knew that, based on your actions. Guess what else?? Neither does your idol, Joe. You know what they say “Actions speak louder than words.”

          Find it really odd that Joe’s right hand man refuses to practice Ho’oponopono and most likely has a way to twist LOA so that he can excuse his misdeeds.

          Oh! Wait! You are supposed to be Joe Vitale’s prodigy, so maybe you’re doing exactly as he’s taught you ;)

          BTW, I read it somewhere that people who smoke cigars and especially those who like to keep a big, fat, long cigar in their mouth during pictures have a phallic obsession on a subconscious basis.

          Carry on… Carry on

        4. @Pat O’Bryan, To be honest, I for one tire rather quickly of reading what you offer for free (well, free beyond the cost in minutes wasted). Your standard attitude of defensiveness and obfuscation whenever challenged, along with your apparent need to respond to actual questions with deflective attacks tells me pretty much everything I need to know about you and whatever passes for your “philosophy” on anything. I simply can’t seem to come up with any valid reason to actually pay for the privilege of reading something you’ve penned. Never miss a marketing opportunity, eh? Well, you’re going to have to focus upon a more gullible market.

  12. I do have to make mention of the fact out of all these people featured on this blog, only a tiny few like Pat O’Bryan had enough guts to post under their own name. We’ll have to give two points, Pat, for doing that.

    Now what you need to do is welcome any and all criticism with sincerity, Pat. Even if you think that what is being said is totally wrong, totally off the wall crazy, and totally worthless, you still need to intently listen, take it all in, and ask yourself “What inside of me is causing this experience to happen around me?”

    Joe Vitale said that Ho’oponopono is the next level of LOA, so why would you just stop at the lower levels?

    Looking forward to your answers to all of our questions, Pat. I, for one, think it’s great that you have come out of the shadows and are now posting under your real name.

      1. @ Anonymous, ?? massah Joe Joe must have yanked Pattie’s chain, because we haven’t heard so much as a peep back from sweet cheeks Pat O’Bryan ;)

  13. Pat probably won’t come back. He isn’t winning looks bad and scared he come back be worse so he is gone a coward.

  14. Quote: ” I drove here from Wimberley, Texas to attend the last “Big Seminar” last weekend. “Why did I drive,” you ask? Well, let’s just say that I didn’t want to go to jail, and the next time I get molested by some goon while I’m trying to get on an airplane I’m going to respond accordingly. Since I can’t get on an airplane without getting molested (I’ve got a titanium knee.), I drive. Something has got to be done about the alleged “security” system in this country. It’s embarrassing.” – Pat O’bryan (

    Who would want an old, hairy, overweight, hungry, neanderthal, gorilla, hill billy redneck like you Pat??????? Lmao!!!!

    Having trouble feeling sexually insecure, Pat? It’s ok, we understand it’s not easy having to work for “Mommy Vitale” in a pink leotard. Just think of it as “creative marketing”. ;)

    Happy Holidays,

    1. @422,

      Why did you have to go and make that pink leotard comment?

      Images of galloping pink unicorns in my head are bearable.

      But now I’m imagining a galloping pink Patso and I can’t make it stop.


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