In the News

Brain poisoning manipulator Jeff Walker is product launching his Product Launch Formula for the fifty-thousandth time :: but this time it’s different … because this time the all new PLF is thrice dipped in shit. That’s more than twice the previous once!

… and you can too!

You can read Syndicate member :: and obvious scammer … Jeff Walker’s sales page for PLF.3.ShitDip over […]

The Prosper Chronicles {451}

Something wicked this way comes :: let’s be blunt … it’s Utah. You’d think they’d be extra not wicked :: what with even their underwear wearing codified and regulated :: but no … they’re totally wicked. Utah is the heart of darkness :: but you fuckers don’t care … my multiyear ball busting Utah coverage is about as popular as […]

Get Set :: Go!

Opening statements in the James Arthur Ray manslaughter trial are set to begin.

Wow … that was quick.

Now the press is gonna be all like :: “hey look … a news story!”

{slow clapping}

Good for you press. Would hate to see you do any reporting before the motherfucking government takes some official action.

But seriously … I do hate you.

Not Dan Harris […]

Critic Watching With Fat O’Bryan

“Helping the critics improve their game, write better, and make logical arguments. Introducing CriticWatch.”

Says Pat O’Bryan … via Twitter … to almost no one.

It’s December 2009 and some cool kids {like Connie :: Burned by Fire :: Duff :: Eric :: not-crazy Li_Kuan} are talking shit about Joe Vitale and James Ray via the Twitters. Oh no you didn’t :: […]

Pat O’Bryan :: Your Portable Empire Strikes Back

“Work from Home –or Anywhere– with Pat O’Bryan’s “Your Portable Empire” Internet Marketing Solutions”

Says the tagline on Pat O’Bryan’s low traffic website. Pat does work from home :: and you can too!! :: as long as you make your home up Joe Vitale’s ass like Pat does. Pat pretends he’s some kind free spirt entrepreneur honcho wandering around life barefoot sucking […]

Joe Vitale :: Phantom Menace

Joe “Señor Fuego” Vitale es un nabo podrido!

No :: no more fucking Spanish :: that joke is over! All NonEnglish speakers will henceforth be deported forthwith :: unless they are from someplace nice :: in which case they will be forced to stay indefinitely {probably in New Jersey}.

ABC recently aired a special report about James Ray’s evil Mind Games. They couldn’t […]

Joe Vitale de Testículos en una Copa

Viva España!!

Andrés Iniesta marcó un gran gol al final de tiempo extra para …

entregar en quiebra España su primer título mundial {horah!}
guardar el torneo de la ignominia de una pena de cero a cero Shoot Out para decidir el título {agradecer a los dioses!}

Un gran torneo se merecía un final mejor :: pero a pesar de lo que algunos […]

Joe Vitale’s Balls in a Cup

Viva España!!

Andrés Iniesta scored a great goal late in extra time to …

deliver bankrupt Spain its first ever World Cup title {horah!}
save the tournament from the ignominy of a nil-nil penalty shoot out to decide the title {thank the gods!}

A great tournament deserved a better finish :: but in spite of what some herpes ridden murderers might say :: we don’t […]