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Opening statements in the James Arthur Ray manslaughter trial are set to begin.

Wow … that was quick.

Now the press is gonna be all like :: “hey look … a news story!”

{slow clapping}

Good for you press. Would hate to see you do any reporting before the motherfucking government takes some official action.

But seriously … I do hate you.

Not Dan Harris though :: he did a pretty a kick ass show about how much Death Ray sucks it :: and asked good questions about Colleen Conaway :: and then he smacked Joe Vitale’s stupid fat face in a moment of righteous anger … so all in all he gets the fake robot seal of approval.

Here he is this morning …

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The size of the player is inversely proportional to the size of the disastrously messy embed code.

That’s what she said.

The trial is going to be televised on In Session. The Droid was tuning in this morning before the Ray trial started :: the TV heads were having a conversation about Christopher Sutton. Sutton was found guilty in a plot to have his parents killed. His Mom is dead :: his Dad is blinded from bullets to the face syndrome.

WARNING :: eerie coincidence approaching …

Sutton was pissed at his parents for sending him off to a hyper-agressive reform “school” in Samoa where very bad things happened. The kind of things that people don’t want to understand :: or believe in … hardcore cult manipulation tactics :: torture :: abuse :: and fraud for fun and profit.

Chris Sutton was a “student” at Paradise Cove in Samoa. Paradise Cove was a WWASPS “school” until it was …

“… shut down in 1998 after a State Department investigation into what it determined to be “credible allegations” of abuse …”

Meanwhile :: Mark Shurtleff is accepting large amounts of their monies … pretty fucked up.

Anywayz :: The Droid will be covering the specifics of the trial from a frequently updating page {please join me!} …

James Arthur Ray Trial Updates

… now with 80% less snark … and no profanity. Just the serious business of accumulating and redistributing useful information.

Same bitch parade as ever out here in the posts :: but :: to answer a long running question …

Yes :: I can show some respect …


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