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The Perry Papers


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Raise your hand if you’ve always wanted to see Perry Evil Jowls Belcher’s conviction and probation paperwork ::

hands up

Exactly! :: Holy cripes.

Well now thanks to the awesomeness of Internet Lawyer Extraordinaire Mike Young we all can :: a few hours ago Mike posted this oh-so-useful pdf ::

Transparency FTW!

:: Wow! Stunner :: Those terms are far more restrictive {and specific} than I’d anticipated ::

Perry’s Reign of Terror is coming to a close.

Go and read Mike’s post {link} :: Sounds like the D-bags have made limp, unethical, and unlawful attempts to silence him recently as well.

Scamming is bad :: Silencing speech is evil :: Trying to silence a lawyer is just stupid.

Full Droidal Analysis on Monday {no charge for members!}

4 the Peace and Dignity of the State of Tennessee

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