Super Schlub

Super Schlub

Super Schlub

Thank the gods that someone has finally sacked-up and started taking a stand for the little guy on the Internet :: Sticking it to the heartless scammers who abuse the webz to part nice people from their money.  Of course we all know the mighty warrior of which I speak ::

:: Harlan D. Kilstein ::

Angel :: Humanitarian :: Mother Fucking Hero

Recently Not-Doctor Kilstein has started protecting Gotham by publishing ‘anti-scam’ videos {please … hold your applause until I finish}. He’s been using them to try and drive traffic to his own $3k per head scam page :: and since it’s the Jedi Ninja King of Copywriting we are talking about here :: each video is supplemented by some powerful copy ::

“Could this be the most evil scam of all.” {link}

Questions :: even super-stupid questions :: should end with question marks.  I guess that’s not one of the grammar rules that came with your oh so not impressive Ed.d. {aka PhD from Harvard :: depending on the credulity of the audience}.

“Folks, I don’t believe lying is never good business.” {link}

Yeah he doesn’t believe it’s ‘never’ good business :: sometimes lying is good business {great even!} … especially if it’s Harlan D. Kilstein doing the lying … that’s when he’s most in favor of it.

From his emails promoting his humanitarianism ::

People are furious that I’m sharing these with you.  The reason I’m doing it is
about integrity.

I don’t believe you have to stoop so low and betray your morals to make a buck

He says :: as he wipes the blood from the corners of his mouth.

I’ve been getting hate mail, insults, and being called all sorts
of names for exposing an online scam.

So many people have reacted with hostility to my exposing this con
I’m shocked.

PS.  Some of these people need their mother to wash their mouth
out with soap.

And some other people {*cough* Harlan Kilstein *cough*} need to spend less time thinking about their Mothers.  Maybe it’s time to move on to dolls.

Hating on other scammers has long been Not-Doctor Kilstein’s most {perhaps only} successful personal marketing technique. It’s easy to call something else a scam :: because there are a sick boat loads of scams out there.  Pointing out that something else is a scam is a cheap {and massively hypocritical} way to build credibility for your own scam :: How could you be a scammer yourself if you have the ‘integrity’ to bitch about someone else’s scam?

But in a world where ‘cross-promotion’ is King and Queen :: Pissing where you eat in such a fashion is ill advised.  Harlan has been more about ass kissing lately … trying to work his fat thighs into the inner circle of fake guru’s.  In fact we met while he was ass kissing another dear friend of mine {memories}.

Times are tough :: Dumpstein’s not moving any product {an eventuality never accounted for in a short sighted plans}.  He’s been marginalized :: No sane person will promote for him for fear of The Beast {that’s me!} :: And it’s just starting to dawn on him that he doesn’t have a single friend.  Any relationships he’s been able to form these last six years have been destroyed by his selfishness and disgusting behavior patterns.  No need to play it safe anymore :: Nothing left to lose :: Might as well fire off some hate marketing.

Well guess what bitch?  It’s not gonna work this time.  Now there is a real anti-scammer in town. One whose truth doesn’t come attached to overpriced lies. And YOU :: you pasty heap of gross :: are my poster child {man-child} of corruption. Now when you try to fake expose scams everyone is going to compare you to me {not a good scenario for you} ::  They are going to say that you have penis envy {which is not to say that you have a penis} :: That you are a jealous :: wannabe :: hack who steals and NEVER actually creates.

… pretty much what they’ve always been saying.

Just admit it Harlan Kilstein :: You are totally gay for me.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. “I’ve been getting hate mail, insults, and being called all sorts
    of names for exposing an online scam.”

    I think he meant “running”, not “exposing”.

    I “iron-clad guarantee” he hasn’t gotten one negative email about those videos. The scams he’s talking about are turn-and-burn sites. They’re designed to run as long as they can, then they pop up somewhere else. The owners don’t care if they last 1 month or 1 day. One of the companies I work with actually has their 800 number listed on one of the scam sites as the support line so I’m very familiar with these people. The fact that he has to lie about his bravery on his fearless campaign into the dark heart of scamville increases the lol-factor significantly.

    1. 1. 100% chance you are right about him not getting any emails … ridiculous. 90% of the psycho in my inbox is related to Harlan Kilstein. In my experience :: unless you are attacking Harlan Kilstein :: NO ONE but the top henchman {whose paychecks are being threatened} say shit in defense of these hucksters. And the occasional serious threat makes you think about calling the FBI … not about running off to Twitter to spout a couple of 140 char witticisms.

      2. Also totally right that these sites aren’t the problem. It’s like going down to Baltimore and pointing at empty crack vials under a bridge :: “This has to stop. These crack vials are ruing people’s lives. What if it was your Grandmother? Sheesh!” One step more useless than busting on Corner Boys :: And it’s not going to get you a visit from Chris and Snoop.

  2. That is hilarious!  Rumple-Killstein to the rescue!
    I read that thread on Warrior Forum about Rumple-Killstein being an anti-scammer and busted out laughing. People like him are why I banned Warrior Forum from my computer, but that’s another story. The thing is, lots of newbies go to that site and since they’re newbies they know nothing about Rumple-Killstein and don’t know to do a simple Google search on the guy. The WF people are guilty by association since they ban and delete any comments against one of their biggest “experts.” C’est la vie.

      1. On Kilstein’s “Warrior Forum” profile it lists just 24 “friends.” Basically unknown people. Not a single well-known marketer that I could tell. Hey, any big name marketers out there want to be his publicly-admitted friend? How come?

  3. SD, sorry but I must take issue with your statement above:
    :: No sane person will promote for him for fear of The Beast {that’s me!} ::
    or you need to prove that Perry Marshall is insane (which he very well could be – I’m not a fan.  His Definitive Guide to Adwords is a good basic primer but I haven’t been tempted to look at any of his other materials based upon what he’s put out for free.) 

    Perry Marshall sent a letter to his list a few days ago promoting:  and his very long sales letter references Kilstein as part of this.  Part of his sales letter reads: 

    “Some of John’s very best copywriting colleagues – David Garfinkel, Harlan Kilstein, Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro Scott Haines and many others are teaming up to give members hands-on personal attention. Just like what I got, all under John’s direct supervision. Remember: This is not for the thin skinned or faint of heart. You need to be OK with possibly trashing something you’ve been slaving over for 3 months and starting over with a blank WORD document. It may also double your response.”

    The  email is too long to post here but it looks like Harlan still has some supporters left.

    Maybe you need to take a closer look at Perry Marshall now?

    1. Perry Marshall is an old bud of his. They also were partners in the original incarnation of Tactic7 (Kilstein, John Carlton, David Garfinkel, and Perry Marshall).

      Perry bailed on their first seminar and was replaced by Mark Widower (Perry’s protege). Thoughts at the time were that Perry bailed on the first Tactic7 seminar because (as a good Christian and family man) he was offended by Harlan’s work with Neil Strauss and his Annihilation Method launch. If you don’t know who Neil Strauss is, he is another one of these seduction assholes. Frank Kern was the mastermind of the launch campaign and Kilstein wote the sales letter.

      Kilstein admits writing the letter on the Warrior Forum:

      Apparently, Perry and Kilstein patched things up and continue to cross promote each other.

      1. I’m not familiar with Neil. Btw, do you know who wrote the copy for the new Arbitrage Conspiracy report – “Sex,Drugs, and Lazy Internet Millionaires” and if Brad Fallen is behind the launch this time?

        Yeah, I’ve read some of Marshall’s stuff and he’s really hard core religious. Of course, money talks, so I’m sure that being the good Christian that he is, he had no problem “forgiving” Kilstein for that little sin.

        1. @pseudonymous: Haven’t seen that report yet. Also don’t know if Fallen is involved again. I’ll have to poke around a bit.

          “Good Christian” is usually a synonym for “hypocrite.”

    2. @canyouexplainthis is such a stickler! A couple of silly peeps promoted his last flop of a launch as well {and one of them is about to suffer greatly for it}. If you promoted Tactic 7 you should consider issuing a public retraction/apology … or you just might have serious issues in your future.

      @ChrisF :: Interesting info. I have that disgusting Annihilation Method sales letter :: and will be publishing it soon.

      1. Oh, SD, you wouldn’t DARE take on Perry Marshall! That guy even BRAGS about one of his coaching students who’s spent time in Club Fed – he even invited the guy to speak at one of his events and sent the video out to his list.

        You even mention Marshall’s name and I bet you’d have a certain jazz loving, just turned 50 yr old, IVY league grad who’s one of the internet mafia heads all over you along with several of their Ph.D friends in that click. They wouldn’t take kindly to that at all.

    3. @canyouexplainthisplease, Perry Marshall is a fraud – all of his products/books etc. are ghost written by the owner of a large AdWords management company in Dallas, Texas. I happen to know her, so I won’t give out her name, but Perry doesn’t know the first thing about AdWords.

    1. Yes, and looking at the size of his stomach in that picture, it could be excruciatingly painful. Then of course there is the weight of the massive jawbone.

  4. Harlan Kilstein you are the most hilarious loser. You make us laugh tears with your antics. For those of you who don’t know, Harlan Kilstein has been known to run fly by night websites HIMSELF. LOL LOL
    How do you think he manages to feed his fat belly? A friend of a friend’s neighbor’s grandfather’s uncle has told me about “softwarez” he got through Harlan that was specifically designed for “black hat” sites.
    Christian Blowjobs with fake penis enlargement pills made out of sugar and salt with a little cayenne pepper is sure to enrich your relationship. Just rub on face and groin area 3 times a day and call the good Dr. Kilstein in the morning. LOLOL

  5. Perry Marshall being a good christian? That says it all. Why wouldn’t he be with the likes of Kilstein? Hell, it’s a wonder David Schirmer and Harlan Kilstein aren’t dating yet.
    It is sad that so many good things such as the compassion and love that the idea of Jesus represents, law of attraction, and good marketing  has been used and abused to turn people completely off for good.
    Why is it that whenever there is something good in this world, nasty parasites have to come out of the woodwork and try to leech on to them for their own gain until every last ounce of integrity is sucked out??
    Harlan Kilstein, you’ve hurt a  lot of innocent people, namely the sick, depressed, and abused. For that, there is no redemption. You MUST be FORCED to stop hurting people.
    You have absolutely no idea who and what you are fucking with. Do you really want to find out? Once you cross the line, you can never go back. Are you sure you want this?
    First and last warning from ME and NO I am not Salty. He may actually be a lot nicer to you than I will be.
    Harlan Kilstein you had best stop your shit and turn around and do what is right or else I promise you, you will regret the day you were born.
    P.S. Please don’t consider this a threat , it’s a PROMISE :)

  6. P.P.S. Look out your kitchen window Harlan Kilstein. Do you see me? I see you and your duck waddle.

  7. Yes…Kiljoy’s writing seems to be a ripoff off Carlton and some others. There’s nothing new there. Doesn’t stop him Twittering that he’s “one of the top copywriters in the world today”. Appears the fat cunt only has 92 “followers” – most of them low-rent hookers.

  8. Has anyone read some of Harlan Kilstein’s “sales” letters? Man, I can’t believe how unconvincing they are. I’m talking third grade hype, bad spelling, poor grammar, etc. I guess he figures if he puts out enough of that stuff, he’ll somehow get enough bites to make a living off it. I sure wouldn’t buy. Did everyone here see that sales video Kilstein did where he actually belched in the middle of the video and just kept on going? I mean, come on. That’s disgusting and lazy. What person would use a sales video that has them belching in it? Oh, yeah…Harlan Kilstein. Class act, huh?

  9. Yes he is “exposing scams” because he is preparing himself for the worst, he’s got an inkling gut feeling that this is very real and that he is going to be brought down in the worst way, but his imagination cannot prepare him for what we’ve got in store for Harlan Kilstein.
    He thinks if he can make people believe he is a scam exposer first, that they will find it hard to believe that he himself was a scamster.
    Maybe you should start taking your own advice , Harlan Kilstein, and keep up with growing trends.  Growing trend of it being harder and harder to fool the average person. If Oprah can make a huge mistake in judge of character, then surely some dumpy, manbeast, cross dressing quack of a Rabbi could very possibly be a scamster.. and perhaps… there are other sins Harlan Kilstein could be guilty of.. hmmm? mhmm ;) ;)

  10. Kilstein and Schirmer would make a great date.  Forgetting that they are both ugly and fat thats clear but think about all the things they have claimed to be over the years and you suddenly discover its all one big bullshit competition.  I distinctly recall one of these guys saying in a public event that only thing you need to be successful in business is to be able to …….. get this …… “SELL HOPE” !!!!!!!! Shit I want hope, lots of hope thanks and that is precisely what most MLM companies sell.  Have either of these guys been involved in MLM companies?  Interesting isn’t it, it seems to impregnate their brains with something that they can’t seem to remove themselves from.  Same hype, same crappy mindset, same emotionally manipulative jibberish and they think we don’t get it.
    They try to hide their real motives thinking that the public are stupid enough to pay anything for HOPE.
    If Schirmer is threatening to come to the US (with the blessing of his newly hoped out church) it could make some very interesting fodder especially if he pals up with any of these freaks which he would have to do because hes a nobody here.  Selling “HOPE” is a scam even if it is packaged in a Plastic folder that contains a squillion DVD’s, a transcript of all of the squillion DVD’s (to make you think like you are getting real value for money), a disclaimer (deliberately written so you don’t have a hope in hell of getting any compensation if you do complain about the quality or content of the crap you’ve just out laid thousands for with one of these fools names and faces all over it).  Wasn’t that Schirmer character also heavily involved with Perry Belcher?  He was supporting him and probably still is behind the scenes no doubt seriously jealous of the amount of worshipers he thinks he’s got.  They are all a bunch of egotistical parasitic maniacs who are all selling the same shit ”HOPE“.
    These guys all want to claim the fame but don’t like taking the shit that comes as a result of being associated with crooks or being a considered a crook themselves.

  11. I understand where you’re coming from with the whole, “pot calling the kettle black so he looks credible, honest, and looking out for the little guy” thing, but honestly, I’m glad to see anyone–even Harlan with the ulterior motive listed above–shed light on the unbelievably sleazy tactics of what has to be the biggest fraud angle that exists on the net.

    Seriously, this insideous “forced continuity burried in the fine print” absolutely needs to be stamped out with an iron fist by the FCC, or whoever the sweet fuck oversees this type of thing.

    Fuck Harlan, Belcher the Felcher and Ray Jones.  The truly despicable scum are guys like Russell “Microcontinuity” Brunson and Ryan “forced continuity” Deiss.  It is absolutly stomach turning to see these snakes touting forced continutiy (ALWAYS glossed over so an unsuspecting reader is blissfully unaware they’ve signed up to a monthly recurring program.

    I got burned by a forced continuity program by the guys over at Nitro Marketing, back before I discovered pirate sites and was still paying for these products (as an aside, you gotta have shit for brains if you’re still buying these products in 2009.  The only expenses now to own these products–ANY of them–is a donation to boost my ratio).  I bought a Vitale Hypnotic Marketing product, and for months I kept receiving these CD’s in the mail.  I just figured they were freebie direct mail offers and disregarded them, until one month I looked closer at my statement and saw I was being billed $49.95.  It was a $200 education in the existence of the happy world of forced continuity.

    Harlan might be a lot of things (everything salty says he is), but for shining a light on the “this has GOT to be fucking illegal” world of continuity, I cut him some slack.

    I know you’re overwhelmed with people to choose from, but Salty, you really should spend some time calling out that asshole Russell Brunson, who is one of the biggest pushers of this fucked up money stealing rip off money making system.

    1. I wouldn’t cut Kilstein ANY “slack.” He’s just (very) belatedly pointing out obvious scam sites that are already becoming KNOWN to the masses and talked about in the news. Nothing new there. And he’s doing it to get attention for himself. Hardly anything noble about that. The (nasty) icing on the cake is that he is also a mean spirited bully. No, Harlan Kilstein deserves no slack whatsoever. He is just vile.

  12. My greatest beef with all of these guys is that they almost always end up  attempting to align “marketing” with “christianity” and it is bellyachingly evil in my opinion.
    Their attempts to justify it are almost always met with an equal serving of hate and revenge because most good (normal) people understand that the bible was never intended to be “used” as a marketing tool.
    That Schirmer guy f’instance says he feels his next trip to the US will be “God inspired” and he is “primarily focusing on building wealth”.  LOL well whoopi do aren’t we just so lucky to have a prick like that offering to suck the life out of all our good people.  We’ll see how long he lasts or if he even makes it over.   Guess this is clearly a case of “the blind leading the blind” but a perfect example of how these guys operate.

  13. No the biggest beef I have is that these people CLAIM people they add on twitter and facebook and all those other social networking sites as “FRIENDS’ when they are not bloody friends at all.   I reckon they would be suicidal if they really knew who was following them and how much they are really despised.  These are the sort of people who have legal fights because someone who bought a product from them goes and buys a product from someone else.  They claim ownership of PEOPLE just because they have bought something from them or jumped online to link up and find out what people are chatting about.  Since when did Walmart OWN me just because I went in and bought some crap from them?  That shows you what sort of egotistical parasites these people really are.

  14. Tactic7 offers training in online and offline marketing, as well as various coaching options and programs administered by Harlan Kilstein and Allison Nazarian.
    someone should warn the poor girl about what happened with tina lorenz

      1. Tina disappeared from the Six Figure Copywriting coaching program near the end of the first year. None of us were given an explanation. Up to that point they shared the coaching responsibilities fairly evenly.

        The only things those of us could see going on was that Kilstein was doing some additional coaching events without Lorenz. Maybe he cut her out to keep all the money for himself. Wouldn’t surprise me.

        A few months later there was a nasty exchange between them on one of the forums (the original copywriters board by Fortin, I think). Kilstein tried to use Lorenz as one of his success stories and she told him off. Obviously some bad blood between them.

        1. Wow. There was a comment on one of the droid’s recent posts about kilstein and it was signed “tlorenz.” Maybe that was her. No wonder she got far away from him. Wise move. Look what all’s coming to light just now. All this Harlan Kilstein stuff is like right out of a soap opera.

  15. At Mass Control Harlan threw a hissy at Hard Rocks’s trendy club and was spotted storming out wearing a sweat stained golf shirt and a sweet under armour mesh baseball cap (I have one too…I called it my babe magnet)

  16. What type of married rabbi takes his young female yoga instructor to Las Vegas? Is there such a thing as an Orthodox Sugar Daddy?

    1. Like anyone (let alone a hot yoga instructor) would want to have sex with him? How desperate would someone need to be?

      Then again, where the fuck is Mrs. Kilstein in all this? What wife would allow her husband to travel with a female yoga instructor?

      And what about Kilstein’s wife? None one I know has even seen or heard from the elusive Mrs. Kilstein. Kilstein makes only vague references to his wife, never referring to her by name.

      Has anyone checked his basement for the limed and rotting corpse?

      1. O-M-G! !

        Yes, it is very strange that nobody seems to know anything about the mysterious “Mrs. Kilstein.” Do you think it might be like in the movie “Psycho” where they are one and the same? Just that thought of the basement creeps me out. Wow.

  17. If Tina Lorenz was in the coaching program is she equally responsible for that refund?
    Harlan’s wife is named Sharon Kilstein and so far nobody has ever seen her alive and in person.  Maybe he’s married to a mannequin in the basement.
    Anyone got a copy of that exchange between Harlan Kilstein and Tlorenz?

  18. Kilstein and his mom were living together not too long ago I believe according to some public records. Not sure who claimd who as dependant.

    1. What’s the old saying? Those that can, do. And those that can’t, teach. Wonder what the saying is for people who can’t even teach?

  19. Is Harlan Kilstein promoting his “Finger Healing” schtick as a substitute for medicine for the swine flu?

    Just noticed this unbelievable tweet:

    Finger Healing for Swine Flu
    (from @drkilstein)

    That seems pretty outrageous. I sincerely hope that nobody chooses that over actual medicine prescribed by a licensed physician.


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