Scripts and Triggers

James Arthur Ray :: and his shriveled useless nut-sack :: were frequent guests of the news media.  The media asked tough questions like: “Don’t you just love the smell of rain?” :: and :: “Why are you so gosh dang awesome?”  You can watch five glorious minutes of them wasting our time and leading us to slaughter here :: free of charge {you’re welcome}.

Over the course of several years :: Ray made dozens of different TV appearances.  Local :: National :: Cable :: Business :: Oprah.  The dude got around.  But there is something strange about all these appearances.  James NEVER goes off his script :: and the script never changes.  Same words :: same inflections :: same lame jokes :: same awkward timing. Please enjoy three minutes of auto-pilot auto-answers ….


1.  Maybe he’s block stupid?  I know that The Anticult is going to be all like :: “No he’s not!  These are sophisticated techniques that can’t be pulled off by your average person.  There are sophisticated criminals behind all the fronts and facades.”  Okay :: true enough … usually.  But :: but :: his employees aren’t allowed to talk to him.  He’s yet to do a single interview {doesn’t he love the sound of his own voice?}.  He didn’t seem to notice people were dead after the sweat lodge.  One of the “five pillars” of Harmonic Wealth is “relational” {holy sheesh that’s dumb!}. He said nothing in his own defense to the police :: and then left his passport :: steroids :: and anti-herpes medicine behind.

The Droid thinks that maybe a few of the clones of clones :: like Death Ray here :: do have some of the stupid in them.

2.  Or maybe {and more likely} he is using certain words :: and word sequences :: to trigger reactions and associations in his followers.  Cassandra Yorgey wrote about Ray’s Event Matrix which had a column for “trigger words” that were correlated to each of the different money sucking seminars.  NLP :: Group Hypnosis :: LGAT :: Sleep Deprivation :: Mania … it’s the main course.  Then in the follow up calls :: the media appearances :: the emails :: the web marketing … the implanted trigger words are used deliberately :: and specifically … to produce the desired response.

Any one thing alone would probably not be enough effect behaviors :: but together {along with active encouragement to disengage from the real people in your real life} :: it forms a cloud of unconscious persuasion that is hard to break free from.

Stupidity or Manipulation? Either way the media allowed James Arthur Ray to use their wide area distribution networks to pump his “message” out to the masses.  Each appearance brought in more fish :: and built up credibility.  His followers heard the words from the seminars :: words from their group … their cult … their inside words.  “See … he is normal.  This is normal.  We are the new mainstream!”

He can’t be a ConMan :: he’s always on TV.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Frankly, I’m too scared to watch. That creepy smile in the picture is too much for me this early in the morning.

    I’ll come back after I’ve put on my “Spiritual Warrior” armor.

    1. Agree! And he also pauses between phrases in a very unnatural way … taking like 0.5 second longer than he should. It’s too deliberate … like a very bad actor … but creepier.

      Do not make montage videos of James Ray if you want to remain nightmare free.

  2. Hippo, don’t worry, it’s made bearable by the odd slice of truth being inserted in the approriate places. Great montage.

    Stupid or manipulative? – I think it’s both. He’s a stupid person driving a sophisticated system for manipulating people. By himself he would never have risen much higher than his old man.

    People also actively want to be fooled. Also maybe some people are blinded by their own sincerity and just don’t believe Ray and his folks could not be a) so dishonest, and b) so freaking stupid.

    Pay 10 grand for a group and you expect they’ve prepared it properly. Only a complete messianic dumbass would take the kinds of risks Ray was. Others have been running these groups for years, no doubt only needing to deal with the odd Jane or John Doe from time to time: Notice how coolly Ray & co dealt with Colleen’s cover up? I’m sure there are plenty more.

    But three dead and 20 in hospital is a bit trickier. Even advanced trigger words won’t work for that, as James “I’ve been feeling the heat” Ray finally realised. (Probably after his PR man told him to grow a brain.)

    The fact that he got caught suggests he’s considerably stupider than the average conman.

  3. Also, I expect he left all his stuff behind because he didn’t want a confrontation with 30 furious participants.

  4. Stellar job on the video by The Droid! Everyone should see this.

    I have to note Ray’s multiple appearances on the Fox Business Channel, and one in front of the NASDAQ logo. Seriously. Business? Why the hell would a “Business Channel” want this guy on air… other than their ratings are literally non-existent – after a year they were getting 20,000 viewers – not enough to even make a dent on one Neilsen rating point.

    Desperation? Stupidity?

  5. Can somebody translate the ominous-sounding “White Papers” on James Ray’s blog? Looks like his lawyers have been very busy.

        1. Quick take: The so called Whitepapers are correspondence sent from James Arthur Ray’s defense team (three lawyers signed them) to the prosecutor attempting to deter them from getting the information in front of a grand jury for an indictment. These letters were send in December and January. They were dubbed whitepapers to give them a sense of importance and authority in the press.

          Of note: James Ray’s criminal defense team is made up of top lawyers. Their adversary in this case is… a county prosecutor. Ray’s lawyers are likely to have near unlimited resources at their disposal. A county prosecutor is shackled by the constraints of a municipal budget. Already, it’s not a fair fight.

          Twice in in the last few weeks, the Sheriff’s office released documents related to the investigation, in compliance with a court order. This created a flurry of news stories and renewed interest in the case – mostly, if not all negative.

          James Arthur Ray and/or his PR people saw an opportunity to try to redirect press & public attention away from these damaging documents by releasing their own material in an attempt to show that no crime was committed and there exists no indictable offense.

          The so-called Whitepapers are logically arranged and in a format where they raise questions which are then addressed by the lawyers – in sharp contrast to the documents released by police, which would require a reporter to read and organize 70+ pages of interviews and observations before beginning to write a piece. In short, if you were a reporter with a deadline of just hours and were assigned to write an update on Ray, you’d find it easier and faster to use the so-called Whitepapers from Ray’s legal team, especially if you intended to meet your deadline.

          The result of this was a spate of stories, most notably one from the AP which was carried by news outlets nationwide, headlined, “Lawyers: No Crime at Fatal Ariz. Sweat Lodge.” A cursory reading by many readers (and at least one editor) took that to mean that authorities cleared James Ray in the investigation. Nothing is farther from the truth.

          Obviously, it should come as no surprise that a team of criminal defense lawyers say that their client is not guilty of a crime, right? They’re just doing their jobs. That’s not news.

        2. To rwr:

          You’re probably right as to why they used the term “White Papers.” To me, it just sounds corny and pretentious.

  6. Salty and all —

    Those new “whitepapers” look like opening arguments for the criminal case that is sure to be happening soon. But I wonder why everyone is missing some of the most damning material that is still on JamesDeathRay’s own site, and in his own words.

    Check out: here and at around 10 minute mark is when James, in his own words is describing his feelings and his desire of not wanting to come back from his near death experience. Heard those words before? Yep, during the death lodge post mortem conference call. Remember the so-called intuitive that visited the site and said Kirby Brown and James Shore were just having too much fun that they didn’t want to come back. Doesn’t that smack of a little too coincidental?

    The interview with Nicole Wallace is damaging and I don’t understand why it is not in the criminal investigation. James says the same thing over and over again in all those videos, but this one is a real departure and off script.

    1. @TSarten

      That’s pretty creepy.

      A few minutes further along he starts pretending to talk about quantum physics :: and he says …

      “There is theory called string theory … super string theory. And basically they’ve proven that there are eleven dimensions … and 3D is only one of them”

      Ha ha! No James :: oh ye expert on the most complicated of abstract mathematical sciences. The THREE in the 3D does in fact stand for THREE!!!

      Here is the drug he’s talking about …

      Kids :: don’t go main lining it now.

      1. The drug, DMT, is illegal in the US. If Ray brought ayahuasca, which contains DMT, into the US for the sweat lodge ceremony as was recently suggested, he may well attract the wrath of the DEA and DOJ.

        1. Yep! The “provableness” is kind of the whole issue at at the moment. Which anyone who had ever read a single thing about it would know. He obviously hasn’t even watched the PBS specials.

          And quantum physics is not about energy.

          And there is no branch of science that considers thoughts or consciousness a form “energy.” Consciousness is an emergent property which science does not understand. Period. Simple as that.

          If someone claims to be an expert on quantum physics on my TV show :: I’m going to ask some non-complicated {basic science} question as a follow up. Like:

          “What is a valence electron?”

          I’ll bet you $100 bucks Ray couldn’t answer that question.

  7. btw :: the song is Bankrupt on Selling :: by Modest Mouse :: from the 1997 mother fucking classic Lonesome Crowded West

    Lyrics ::

    well all the apostles-they’re sitting in swings
    saying “i’d sell off my savior for a set of new rings
    and some saddles with the style of straps that cling best to the era”

    so all of the businessers in their unlimited
    hell where they buy and they sell and they sell all their
    trash to each other but they’re sick of it all
    and they’re bankrupt on selling

    You could buy the song :: but why bother when you can have this cover version by some dude and his parents :: FREE!


      1. “White papers.” Yeah, that’s one way to cloak a lengthy, biased press release.

        It almost reads like JRI has appointed itself lead investigator. That’s sure to lead straight to the “facts.”

        They actually intimate media bias and ask that such questioning/references be disregarded. Ray sure loved the media attention when all the media was worshipping his ‘annointed’ self before, and giving him carte blanche.

        Reading that drippingly-thick propaganda makes me all the more doutful.

  8. Right on the cover of his book “The Science of Success” (1999) it states: “How to attract prosperity and CREATE LIFE BALANCE through proven principles”

  9. Holy Crap Batman! Those “White Papers” are a pretty incredible and biased attempt to influence the whole case. Some of their assertions even contradict the statements made by Deputies responding.

    Nice try by the attorney, but I think they may have stepped in it a few places, where they may have tried to hard to counter things they view as particularly damning (e.g., JRI shortened the number of rounds?). Nice religious comparison. Nice attempt to deflect blame to Mercer. Picture this analogy:

    “Hey your honor, I didn’t make the car, GM did, I didn’t make the booze either, that would be Jack Daniels distillery, so you should blame GM and JD for the fact that I drank fourteen shots, then got behind the wheel and drove”.

    How do you think that would go over?

    Methinks they do protest too much about the “measures” taken to improve safety, with no mention of what was still missing, according to almost all of the statements – a good briefing on what was about to happen and what to do if something went wrong.

    Oh, and this gem: Death Ray was helping the victims? Not according to Deputy Bollen, who found him in his room chowing down.

    For fucks sake.

  10. I hope Arizona law enforcement disregarded that propaganda. They need to control the investigation, not hand it off to someone they’re questioning!

    1. Law enforcement has so much corroborated evidence from witnesses that speaks to Ray being at fault, that they cannot take those letters from defense lawyers as being correct.

      The ‘white papers’/ letters from defense to the prosecutor was an attempt to build a case for not bringing charges against Ray at all – they wanted to present information that would convince the prosecutor he could not prove a case against Ray and could not win if he did.

      Keep in mind that the prosecutor and law enforcement have collected far more information than defense lawyers have at their disposal. To date, there have been no charges, so there is no question of discovery – in other words, the prosecutor has not turned over evidence to the defense as it is premature when there is no indictment. Once a case is filed by prosecutors, each side serves interrogatories (written questions) on the other. Each side will also demand ‘discovery’ from the other. This is standard procedure.

      Discovery demands by the defense would include copies of all evidence gathered by law enforcement including copies of all police reports,autopsies, items seized, etc. They need to see what the prosecution has in order to build their case.

      Prosecutors will demand all books and records of Ray and his company, as well as all communication including e-mails and diaries, calendars, etc., from both Ray and his company, among many other things.

      Bottom line: Defense attorneys wrote the first letter to prosecutors at a time when they did not have the benefit of the police reports, search warrants, witness statements, etc., that were made public by court order. As a result, they did their best to make a convincing case to the prosecutor working with what they had.

      As an aside, defense attorneys write this kind of letter to prosecutors pretty routinely.

      1. One more thing – the second letter was written in January and complained about the way in which the media approached the documents released by the sheriff’s office under court order – specifically, they had a serious problem with the result of people viewing pictures of James Ray’s suitcases loaded with prescription and non-prescription drugs along with a letter from an anti-aging doctor stating that Ray was using Testosterone, HGH, HCG, etc.

        Many in the media speculated that steroid use may have altered Ray’s judgement and made him more aggressive and/or more reckless.

  11. Ok, SD.

    Show some ‘nads.

    Come right out and say that James Ray is guilty of premeditated murder.

    Or STFU.

    1. And exactly why would I do that fuck-chop? This isn’t going to be a first degree murder prosecution :: so it’s a moot point.

      I’m much more interested in showing how this was a long term pattern of abuse :: how it was just business as usual. The public deaths were an above average mistake :: but they only serve to illustrate how dangerous and horrible the situation with ConMen has become.

      Of course, showing “nads” on that subject will be super bad for all the other “gurus” :: because they would like nothing more than to label Death Ray and aberrant bad apple. But that’s not the case. He’s just one of many cogs in a sick machine.

      No one is “completely nameless” :: right? Yep. We’ve all got names …

    2. It’s one type of Libel per se…’s like one of 4 or 5 things that if you accuse someone of they don’t have to prove damages (and requires no explanation of how it is defamatory) to make good on a lawsuit. There is one thing you forget, and that is context. Yeah, you know context

      If I said “filsaime you fucking whore, who else you going to fuck in your business”. No your honor it isn’t a false statement of fact it’s mere hyperbole, pop culture your honor…I was speaking metaphysically about his money thieving ways your honor….now let’s do some shrooms cat and forget this silly shit!

      We learned this in skcool….law class grade 11 (well I took it in grade 9 cuz that’s the kind of nerf I was).

      butt seriously…you expect a lawyer to fall for this shit? Even I won’t fall for this shit….and I’m from Cambodia, that’s Toronto Cambodia.

    1. Nah :: I suspect our not-friend Completely Nameless here is something much worse than that. Isn’t that right fuck-chop?

  12. Ray is just programming his audience, those who still doubt but will gladly follow him if they hear the same thing from him several times more (or from another person, channel, respected TV star, etc.) As one of the sales rules goes, a deal is made after a person is followed up with the same message for 7 or more times in most cases.

    Ray did not need all the people to buy his courses to collect lots of money. He just needed to convince those who doubted, and he succeeded in that. He’s not stupid, he knows his stuff. And given that he’s a conman and lying for him is like breathing, he became very successful because he managed to bring simple sales tactics on the global level.

    I only wonder how he managed to get access to all those channels with his “motivational” “brand new” stuff that is known for ages. How TV editors were caught in that so easily?

  13. “WhitePapers” processed … those suckers were long.

    Take heart my friends … if that is the best they’ve got … then that mother fucker is going to jail.

    They don’t address ANY of the hard facts {because they obviously can’t} :: and offer no useful excuses :: nothing exculpatory :: nada. Just a little captain lame-o re-framing and whitewashing. That doesn’t compete with dead people, hysterical family members, children with a dead father, multiple people with organ damage, ER’s full of people with broken hands, $60,000 per year clubs, years of lies and cover ups … etc. etc. etc.

    more later …

    Shout out to everyone over at Munger, Tolles & Olson :: sounds like they are big fans of my work. I know … I love me too. Guess what Brad Brian? I know shit you don’t know. Yep yep!

    1. James Ray’s deliberate choice of words mostly goes over my head.

      I am wondering if there is some specific manipulation going on with the use of the term “White Papers” to describe the documents from his lawyers? It’s just so odd.

      1. Maybe a ‘white paper’ is anything a lawyer writes that’s not on a yellow legal pad. Although as I noted on Twitter, the whole thing sounds more yellow than white to me.

  14. Hmmm… Wonder what “Absolutely Nameless” is trying to bait you into doing, Droid… Perhaps he thinks that making such a “pat” accusation would qualify as libelous content. And that would likely be useful in deflecting criticisms that might be directed to his own “empire.” :-)

    1. I think Brainless is following the lead of his or her boss and trying to reframe the accusations against Ray, shifting the focus exclusively to the sweat lodge and implying that anyone who says Ray was responsible MUST be accusing him of fully intending to murder as many of his followers as possible.

      That strategy will make probably make for a few good sound bites, but otherwise it’s desperate PR. I hope the investigators don’t screw it up.

      1. Could be, Yak, but who says Nameless is necessarily a James Ray employee? It could just be someone who’s in the biz and wants to defend it, in which case, attempts to discredit or intimidate the Droid are part of the M.O. It shouldn’t be too difficult for Droid to figure out who it is. I understand that IP addresses are pretty easy to trace.

        1. You’re right of course, Connie – fair to the last!

          I’m wading through the newly released witness statements. The participant who was a pilot in the military gives says some pretty damning things. He got out for a round or two after he realised from his experience as a pilot that he was beginning to lose consciousness. Crawled instinctively and got hosed off. After 20 minutes or so, he realised he was outside (so disoriented was he) and decided to go back in. Wanted to help move a woman, but Ray told him to leave her, and – most tellingly – he was afraid to disobey Ray.

          A 6’5″ man with military training was, within that structure (and all the emphasis on supporting the group and maintaining your honor, as well as the weakened and disoriented state he was in) didn’t trust himself to disobey Ray.

          But they were all free to leave of course.

          It’s clear as hell that Ray sprung the experience on them Many had never done one before and thought it they were doing a standard, if intense, sweat lodge. And of course having paid 10 000 they were entitled to assume they were safe.

          The way Ray talks, it’s almost as if he was a participant, with no responsibilities beyond “switching on the sauna” and letting everyone fend for themselves.

          Let’s just say that Ray is not very good at organising sweat lodges….Though he would bitterly dispute that statement.

  15. The Anticult {as predicted} ::,77450,80834

    “James Ray is not as stupid as he may appear at first glance, but as I said long ago, he really is a 3rd-rate manipulator/persuader. He is nowhere near the skills of the more advanced people, who are able to evade getting in serious trouble, and keep going for decades making millions.

    James Ray was able to select easy-targets from The Secret and from being on Oprah, and ruthlessly exploit them. His sociopathic personality kept him moving forward, even after many injuries and the recent death of Colleen Conaway during his seminar. It seems the astounding arrogance of James Ray made him think he could get away with it, with disclaimers with a “death clause” in them.

    James Ray ordered his “employees” not to talk to him, as that is his power-trip. Many of these LGAT guru’s get their employees to do their laundry, clean toilets, and do anything they ask of them. That is part of the POWER structure. Its part of their training to lie for him too, when ordered. It makes James Ray seem like a superman to the employees, and they will do anything to please him and get his attention. It also makes sure all communication is ONE-WAY, from James Ray to them.

    As far as James Ray not doing any interviews and fleeing the scene without talking to the police, that is how James Ray does it. For example, when Colleen Conaway died during his seminar, he got out of there fast, and they called their lawyers, and covered it up from the rest of that staff, which has been shown from many sources. James Ray knows when bad things happen, just get out of there, don’t say anything, and deny everything, which worked for him until recently.

    The Harmonic Wealth stuff to James Ray is just “content”. He knows its hogwash, but you have to have a “content” to distract people’s conscious minds. That is the first thing you learn…they call it Belief Systems or BS. So all of the James Ray Harmonic Wealth BS is literally just “content” meant to occupy peoples minds. Anyone who studies advanced persuasion learns that right away.

    The overt “content” is not the real message, its actually a distraction, and is often used to create confusion and misdirection.
    Like when a magician is telling you to look at his right hand, that is to allow the left hand to do the trick.

    James Ray knew people were dead after the sweat lodge, that is why he got out of there so fast.

    Not speaking to the police on the scene or after, is actually a very clever thing for James Ray to have done, as James Ray knows that professional investigators are not going to be fooled by his Stories. He knows they will catch him up.

    And why did he leave behind all that stuff? FEAR, he was scared shitless about what could happen to him, and got out of there probably on the advice of some attorney. The attorney probably would tell him, say nothing, and leave. James Ray is not stupid. He knows if his hired pro’s can create enough fog, confusion, and uncertainy, he might be able to totally get away with it, even on a technicality.”

    1. Yeah :: but still. It’s like he understands the basic outline of being a bad guy … but if you look closely at any of his specific actions … then you see him fucking it up. Everything about him and his racket is sub-optimal. He’s not stupid in the sense of being below average to the whole population … but he’s definitely nothing special … and I think 3rd rate is a great description. He’s not the worst of them … because he’s not the best of them.

      I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree about whether or not we just agreed.

  16. Love it! Condemning and entertaining as usual. Thank you so much Salty for your continued hard work and dedication! My entire family thanks you, let me know if you need anything (and I’ll run it by my lawyer, hehe). I look forward to your full take on the “white papers.” I’m still reading through them… taking numerous breaks to go punch things.

  17. Let us beware of those who show up here on SaltyDroid and try to inflame us into saying anything that could be construed as legally actionable.

    Salty is doing us a mighty service. We want to keep this place hilarious, informative, and—legally impeccable.

    A verdict is for to a jury to decide, after being presented with evidence, according to the rules for criminal court procedure in the state where the case is being tried.

    Posting published newspaper stories, however is fine. And many thanks to Jake for having showed us the glories of Ari Brouillard’s glorious riff on The Secret, published on

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