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Scripts and Triggers

James Arthur Ray :: and his shriveled useless nut-sack :: were frequent guests of the news media. The media asked tough questions like: “Don’t you just love the smell of rain?” :: and :: “Why are you so gosh dang awesome?” You can watch five glorious minutes of them wasting our time and leading us to slaughter here :: free of charge {you’re welcome}.

Over the course of several years :: Ray made dozens of different TV appearances. Local :: National :: Cable :: Business :: Oprah. The dude got around. But there is something strange about all these appearances. James NEVER goes off his script :: and the script never changes. Same words :: same inflections :: same lame jokes :: same awkward timing. Please enjoy three minutes of auto-pilot auto-answers ….


1) Maybe he’s block stupid? I know that The Anticult is going to be all like :: “No he’s not! These are sophisticated techniques that can’t be pulled off by your average person. There are sophisticated criminals behind all the fronts and facades.” Okay :: true enough … usually. But :: but :: his employees aren’t allowed to talk to him. He’s yet to do a single interview {doesn’t he love the sound of his own voice?}. He didn’t seem to notice people were dead after the sweat lodge. One of the “five pillars” of Harmonic Wealth is “relational” {holy sheesh that’s dumb!}. He said nothing in his own defense to the police :: and then left his passport :: steroids :: and anti-herpes medicine behind.

The Droid thinks that maybe a few of the clones of clones :: like Death Ray here :: do have some of the stupid in them.

2) Or maybe {and more likely} he is using certain words :: and word sequences :: to trigger reactions and associations in his followers. Cassandra Yorgey wrote about Ray’s Event Matrix which had a column for “trigger words” that were correlated to each of the different money sucking seminars. NLP :: Group Hypnosis :: LGAT :: Sleep Deprivation :: Mania … it’s the main course. Then in the follow up calls :: the media appearances :: the emails :: the web marketing … the implanted trigger words are used deliberately :: and specifically … to produce the desired response.

Any one thing alone would probably not be enough to affect behaviors :: but together {along with active encouragement to disengage from the real people in your real life} :: it forms a cloud of unconscious persuasion that is hard to break free from.

Stupidity or Manipulation? Either way the media allowed James Arthur Ray to use their wide area distribution networks to pump his “message” out to the masses. Each appearance brought in more fish :: and built up credibility. His followers heard the words from the seminars :: words from their group … their cult … their inside words. “See … he is normal. This is normal. We are the new mainstream!”

He can’t be a ConMan … he’s always on TV.

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