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Salty Droid

Death Ray Speaketh

James Arthur Ray :: ball-less wind bag :: can’t be satisfied with just stinking up Twitter. He’s decided that :: “I just killed four people” :: is the perfect platform for a little video blogging.

Who doesn’t want life advice from a herpes ridden middle age man living alone and facing bankruptcy and a 36 year prison sentence for crimes he most definitely committed? Exactly :: this is sure to be the second wind of his inglorious career … like Beaches was for Bette Midler {and forever friendships}.

But the first entry was fucking weak :: and in desperate need of some editing. Previous video editor J-Fred Funktown is currently hiding in a hole crying to his blankey … so The Droid stepped up like a robot capable of occasional pant wearing {take a lesson J-Fred you tiny baby bitch!}.

After some “minor” editing … Death Ray has decided to go with a much more honest approach. I think it admirable .. even if totally unvoluntary.

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