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Deconstructing Dunford

Do you want to attend SummerCamp with Naomi Dunford and learn all about how you can use full-body Spanx to make yourself look exactly like a chunk of chubby girl sausage?

I’m sorry that was mean :: Naomi doesn’t want me to be mean to women “bloggers” just because they’re destroying the lives of countless other women and children. But it’s really hard for me to heed the warnings of turnip headed turds :: and sometimes I just blurt things out. Please accept my apologies … you talking piece of garbage.

Well anywayz you can’t go to Dumbford SummerCamp because it’s too late :: it happened back in 2009 … just a few months after the Spider Shit Storm chat.

IttyBiz Summer Camp was what most Internet Marketing frauducts are :: a foolish and uneducated person who knows nothing about business or the Internet mumbling into a mic about business and the Internet with the delusional sense of authority that comes from circle jerking with other self-delusional fat girls … like Brian Clark.

SummerCamp is all about quitting your job and becoming dependent on the sick machine for food and shelter :: just like hero to miserable slobs everywhere … Naomi Dunford.

Naomi’s getting sick of hearing the excuses :: like the classic slacker copout …

but Naomi :: "I've got mouths to feed"

… Naomi doesn’t care about about kids needing food and clothes and health insurance and stuff {that’s what abandonment is for}. The important thing is making an honest assessment of what you really need from your Itty Biz :: if you’re afraid to be honest with yourself then your Itty Biz will probably suck. It’s just like what Naomi was privately telling Dave Navarro about her own Itty Biz a few months earlier …

“And yes, I can do that, but I have to be honest. I don’t know the details because I haven’t thought about them. I haven’t thought about them because I don’t care about them. And I’m not likely to start caring about them any time soon …

Obviously I’ll have to get you more detailed information about income and stuff, but part of this is going to be not really knowing what the fuck has been going on so far.”

How much money do you really need to quit your job and become a full-time Itty Bizzer? Naomi’s short answer is none … and she questions whether or not people who’d be willing to save up for several years to start a small business really “want it” badly enough to succeed. Saving money is not the action of a an action taker.

But the downside of not having any money to live on while you’re starting your unicorn farm :: other than not having any money to live on :: is that sometimes you’ll miss out on opportunities to invest in your business. Like how Naomi almost missed out on investing in Frank Kern’s Mass Control before she was saved by Sonia Simone and The Syndicate’s generous financing options …

mass control investing

“Alison hates you Dave” :: whispers Naomi to Dave Navarro about his wife of ten years …

“I get to go build schools in Cambodia and maybe your wife stops hating you so damn much.”

But for her sheeple Naomi crows a different theme …

dave navarro goes to summer camp

Alison and her sons were dependent on Dave :: and on Dave’s good job … largely because that’s how Dave wanted it. Naomi has been publicly mischaracterizing Dave’s brother Anthony as a “fundamentalist” Christian :: but that was the life that Dave himself was living … a life that Naomi Dunford and the blogging about blogging bloggers were slowly chipping away at.

Naomi says that at first Alison was worried about feeding her kids :: like any hater would be :: but then she came around to the idea of Dave quitting his job to follow his unicorn dreams. Alison wanted it even more than Naomi did :: says Dunford :: talking out her lie hole about someone else’s wife to her paying customers and calling it content.

The mouths that Alison Navarro STILL has to feed are not fucking imaginary … like Naomi Dunford’s business.

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