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Salty Droid

Salty Droid 2012

Fake robot :: year four … totally done already!

My goal for 2012 was to rid the world of evil … so that’s a fail.

But I did achieve some lesser objectives …

– I wrote a song about a manatee and some twinkies

– I made a hit movie for a maker of hit movies

– I hated a book

– I incited an uprising

– I pissed off some more lawyers

– I slapped a state in the face

… shit like that.

Three of the most popular posts this year …

Elevation Prohpets

Frank Kern in Scamworld

10 Internet Marketers Doing it Right

That last one is a particular masterpiece :: it’s prolly why I was invited to speak atBlogWorld … not everyone can write nothing so successfully.

I’m temped to post in Scamworld: The Movie one last time :: because it was too obviously this year’s main thing … but I’m not going to.

… oops.

It’s been a productive year in this fight against people who need to be fought.

Thanks to everyone … expecially me.

I’ll bet you one billion dollars that next year is even better.

>> bleep bloop